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Monday, February 14th, 2011


In the Greater New York Section of The Wall Street Journal, in “Mayor Hits Back at Parents,” Michael Howard Saul and Barbara Martinez describe Mayor Bloomberg’s reaction to the “raucous display of discontent” and disrespect of Cathie Black, the new schools chancellor.

Saul and Martinez quoted a Brooklyn City Council member, Jumaane Williams, who defended the angry reaction by civic leaders and parents, suggesting that Mayor Bloomberg “retake civics class.” Williams continued: “That is exactly, actually, what America is founded on-the ability to express your opinion to people who are making decisions. It happened loudly and, I think, rightfully so because parents are angry that they’re losing opportunities to be involved in the education of their child.”

anger2Williams is right about the ability to express opinions to decision-makers. But is yelling and taunting and not allowing the “opposition” to speak effective?

I wonder how many of the yellers participate in PTAs and support class projects and try to affect change at each school? A friend, whose high-pressure job keeps her at her desk until all hours when she’s not traveling around the country and abroad, is consistently involved with her son’s NYC public school, its fundraisers, teacher’s meetings and addressing policies she objects to. It’s possible.

frustration1I have a red-hot temper. One of the triggers: Frustration at not being heard so I empathize with the primal screams of parents seeing albeit failing schools close left and right. And they have much to shout about the schools that remain open. WOR Radio NYC morning talk show host John Gambling reported horrific statistics. The state spends $33 billion on public education yet only some 23 percent of high school graduates are sufficiently prepared to either go on to college or to get a job. He noted that in Rochester, the figure was 15 percent.

Anger can give people the energy to take action and do something about what’s infuriating or worrying them.  But is yelling and bullying the schools chancellor the American way and the way out?


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