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Do You Serve the Bottom Line by Saving Money on Salaries?

Friday, February 20th, 2009

A company often fires its more expensive employees to save money, or leaves an insufficient number to get the job done. Does the result always serve the bottom line?

The owner of a wonderful gift shop in Lakeville, Conn. learned that a decorative pillow manufacturer had lowered its minimums and was thrilled to place her order. In came a shipment of natural linen pillows with embroidered sayings. A long, thin rectangular one proclaimed, “La Dulce Vita.” As I write this, the Word program I use underlines Dulce and corrects it to Dolce. And, there’s always Google to confirm a saying or phrase. Did anyone bother? Did they check what they got from the fabricator before shipping? The mistake cost money, time and confidence in the supplier. 

How long does it take to call a toll-free number to check that it’s right before distributing a press release or formatted ad? Many don’t.

What does it take to place the client’s trade show booth number in the copy where you mention it, rather than tucked away as an afterthought so the reader must hunt for it on a full-page ad? People don’t hunt-more money wasted.

I had a boss who used to say, “How come you’re too busy to do it right in the first place but not too busy to do it again?”

What instances have you experienced in which overstretched, inexperienced or untrained people are set up to fail and end up costing a company more money than it’s saved? Does this situation serve anyone?

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