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Service of Running Late: It’s Good for Your Health

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

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I was running late this morning  when I heard Len Berman and Michael Riedel on their WOR 710 morning show discuss an item news reporter Joe Bartlett covered–that people who are late will live longer. Fearing I misheard, I looked up the topic and found Michelle Ganley’s article on

Here are highlights. She “found some studies and articles (you know, ‘science,’) suggesting that people who are chronically late tend to see the glass half-full, and they actually have better health — and they might even live longer, according to Harvard Health Publishing.


She wrote: “’Optimism helps people cope with disease and (even) recover from surgery,’ the Harvard article said. ‘Even more impressive is the impact of a positive outlook on overall health and longevity. Research tells us that an optimistic outlook early in life can predict better health and a lower rate of death during follow-up periods of 15 to 40 years.’”

She continued: “Optimism, in turn, also can lead to lower blood pressure, better cardiovascular health, fewer chances of a stroke and lower chances of depression. And all of those factors lead to a longer, healthier life.”

And late arrivers tend to be multitaskers which is a good thing wrote  Ganley .


She added information from “’Why Chronically Late People Are Actually More Successful,’ [which] reaffirms that this is an optimistic bunch of people who are intrigued by everything, and quick to find solutions. Again, all good things!”

Ganley wrote this tongue-in-cheek, it seemed to me, and Berman, who clearly has been on the receiving end of hanging around waiting for chronic latecomers, didn’t let the story fly by without sharing his view. He said chronic latecomers disregarded the value of other people’s time.

Do you subscribe to the findings that report it is healthy and maybe even life-extending to be a person who is chronically late? What about the impact on friends and loved ones? As a person who finds being on time a priority–a stressful goal–maybe there is a load of truth here.


Service of Running Late Before and After Mobile Phones

Monday, October 22nd, 2018


It seems increasingly hard to get to places on time.

A friend takes New Jersey Transit to work in Manhattan. Service has been atrocious and promises to get worse. One morning last week it took cars 90 minutes to cross the George Washington Bridge from N.J to Manhattan. Subway service can be iffy–trains zoom past stops unannounced or are delayed.

George Washington Bridge Photo:

I got an email from another friend this week—I’ll call him Phil. He wrote: “We are interviewing computer color tech people to fill the job of someone who just left. So far, all candidates have been late, one by 45 minutes. Not one called to warn about their travel circumstances nor did they apologize.” Phil remembered that he’d previously fired someone when the man arrived late on his first day.

Long before mobile phones I was almost late my first day on a job at a startup because I’d been sent an address that didn’t exist. The street number would have landed a building in the middle of Madison Avenue. I can still feel that twinge of “Uh-Oh–something’s very wrong!” I found the right building by entering each one on either side of Madison. Lucky the employer got the street right. [The business lasted one year.]

Phil recalled the one time he was [very] late for an interview. He’d left earlier than usual for his commute to NYC and “wouldn’t you know Grand Central Terminal was closed because of a smoky fire. No cell phones. Trains backed up. The prospective employer understood of course.”

His story took a curious turn. He said: “I didn’t take the job. Something didn’t seem right. Two weeks later the entire group was fired. I would have been out of a job.” Kismet.

I hate being late and admit that having a phone takes the pressure off when transportation or other glitches happen so I can alert clients, colleagues and friends. Do most people use theirs for this purpose? Do you have memorable experiences of being late to an appointment before or after cell phones? Can you imagine sailing in late to an interview without a word about the time as the candidates for a job in Phil’s office did?


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