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Service of Deceiving Yourself

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

green-light-bulbA pal, recently diagnosed with diabetes, told me you have to be careful of sugarless treats such as cake/cookies. She said a carb is a carb and too many, sugarless or sugary, are not the diabetics’ friend.

sugar-freeI thought of her comment when I read David Owen’s “It’s Too Easy Being Green” article in The Wall Street Journal. The takeaway: Just because something seems better for either you or the earth, doesn’t mean that it is.

I know how little good I do for the environment when I use green light bulbs. For sure the store and manufacturer get more money, but I wonder if I end up using more light fixtures so I can see properly because the green bulbs don’t illuminate with conviction.

We keep the heat low at the house to save money. The outcome is that we are not using as much fuel as before-a good thing for the earth.

A side note: One way or another, high prices will impact the environment in both good and bad ways:

cold-indoors***In both the light bulb and heat instances we’re like school kids who study hard, ace the test yet continue to get a C grade. Due to the increased cost of energy, electric and fuel bills escalate. Eventually millions will turn down the heat and go to bed early in winter. As a consequence, we’ll consume less fuel, a plus for the environment and the blanket and sweater industries.

***While tempted to buy green building products I wouldn’t pay the supplement for most as the upfront costs take too long to benefit my pocketbook. I can’t be alone, hence, a negative. If you read Owen’s article, you’ll wonder how much good these inventions do anyway. Read on.

Back to Owen’s article-some excerpts:

*** “Like many concerned Americans, I’m susceptible to the Prius Fallacy: a belief that switching to an ostensibly more benign form of consumption turns consumption itself into a boon for the environment.”

*** “The world faces a long list of environmental challenges, yet most so-called solutions are either irrelevant or make the real problems worse. That’s the conundrum facing anyone who yearns for ‘sustainability.'”

*** “The main effect of additional engineering improvements will be the same as for all such improvements in the past: to make travel easier, cheaper, more convenient and more attractive-thus encouraging us to do more of it.”

*** “Even if you think that climate change is a left-wing crock, this ought to be a matter of gnawing concern. Global energy use is growing faster than population. It’s expected to double by midcentury, and most of the growth will be in fossil fuels. Disasters like the BP oil spill attract world-wide attention, but the main environmental, economic and geopolitical challenge with petroleum isn’t the oil that goes into the ocean; it is the oil we continue to use exactly as we intend.”

*** “The only unambiguously effective method of reducing the long-term carbon and energy cost of air travel is to fly less-a behavioral change, not a technological one.”

Do you deceive yourself about health, environmental or other issues? We’ve got to start somewhere and awareness is only the first step. Then what?


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