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Service of Time Was Like Closet Space, You Made it Fit–But No Longer, At Least Yet

Monday, April 20th, 2020


I’ve previously written about time in a few contexts such as “Service of Respecting Other People’s Time,” and “Service of Time vs. Result: Is it Worth It?

Time reminded me of the closets I’ve had in my various homes. Whether large or small, many or few, I’ve adjusted my stuff to fit. I was similarly good at triaging my time to meet deadlines whether long-term or bolt from the blue. I’ve come close but never missed one and I don’t plan to do so while sheltering at home. But since I’ve been home, I don’t yet have a handle on my new time. Some days I’m the Jeanne-productive juggler I’ve always been but others float by and I wonder, “Where did the day go?” My time melts like an air-filled Christmas peppermint and my “to do” list stares back at me with few strikeouts.

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It’s clear what happened: My time benchmarks have changed. I always marked weekdays by dressing for work, leaving for the office, taking a lunch break and returning home. I now start out the same: I won’t sit at my laptop until I’m clean and dressed, though my clothes are far more casual. Next I break to hear Governor Cuomo’s press conference–he usually starts between 11:30 a.m. and noon ET. Between 4:00 and 5:00 pm I dance around the apartment for exercise and at 7 p.m. I stop what I’m doing to clap my thanks for the medical community from my balcony.

Everyone is similarly impacted. Retired people are cut off from their second jobs, classes, libraries, friends, shopping patterns, charity work, activities, restaurants, fitness centers, participation in religious services and so forth.

Speaking of closets, one of the things I hope to do while home is to reorganize each closet but so far, I haven’t had the time.

Have you been thrown off kilter as your time points of reference have changed and you’ve adjusted to sheltering at home? Are you easily distracted? Are your “to do” lists in good shape?


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