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Service of Forecasts

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

How many days ahead do you start listening to weather forecasts when you’ve planned a beach day, picnic or pool party?

Are you involved with product introductions? Does your company belong to a color forecasting organization so that its bathroom fixtures or towels coordinate with what’s cool in ceramic tile?

Much like people who hope for positive signs or good news from a doctor as they sit by the bedside of a sick friend or relative, I read as many forecasts and prognostications about this economy as I have time for and check out every article that seems to have an answer, looking for inklings of a solid turnaround.

These days, coming to your own conclusions and becoming a forecaster is complicated! Just yesterday, a “Marketplace” headline in The Wall Street Journal screamed, “Maguire Properties Warns of Loan Defaults.” {The article says that Maguire is “one of the largest office building owners in Southern California.”}

 The same paper, on the same page, but with a smaller sized, less prominent headline, announced: “Networks Hold Back Selling Ads In Advance.” The reason? They are betting that the economy will improve and are hoping to be able to charge more than now. Before I got too optimistic, I saw in the “Money & Investing” section another bold headline: “Debt Burden to Weigh on Stocks: Consumers’ Inability to Drive Economic Growth Likely to End Big Gains.” 

My heart skipped a happy beat when, also yesterday, The New York Times declared: “Seattle Paper is Resurgent as a Solo Act,” and reported that the word “profit” is one that now falls from executive lips at the paper in the Emerald City.

And didn’t we–and President Obama–rejoice just a few days ago over the less-than-expected job loss figures? {Is this equivalent to “the patient’s fever is down to 104°?”}

When Paul Krugman agrees with a bailout, do you sleep better? Or when Alan Greenspan furrows his brow, do you follow suit?

What’s your take on forecasters? Has your faith changed? And what about your antenna for predictions–is it picking up strong signals these days?

Service of Tradition

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Certain things happen every year and thank goodness.

Ruth and Jimmy visit. They’re a duck couple who swim on our pond for a day or a week. They come unannounced when the landscape is various shades of brown–making it especially hard to see Ruth.

We welcome the birds and delight in the first Jimmy and Ruth siting. Named after dear friends, the human Jimmy makes the best Donald Duck impersonation on the east and west coasts.

It’s at this time of year that some observe Easter or Passover in churches and synagogues and enjoy the respective traditions of these celebrations. Some children look forward to coloring and/or hunting for Easter eggs and others to participating in a ritual Seder feast.

Especially when life seems up in the air, traditions serve to calm me.  Do you have favorite traditions associated with April? Do they bring joy or stress?

Service of Signs

Friday, March 20th, 2009


Do you believe in signs? A found penny means good luck and a dime, quarter or more even better fortune? Could finding money on the ground mean the economy is improving?  I used to think so [others would have picked it up before me if money was tight, no?] until I saw a former colleague reach into his pocket for change and throw it in a wastebasket. And he more than anyone else complained that his salary was too low.


To me, spring signals renewal, beautiful weather ahead, magnificent blossoms, and the energizing scent of earth and promise of picnics, long stretches of daylight and summer. All these welcoming signs, spring fever, included, serve to cheer.


What signs inspire good things to come for you?



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