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Service of Being Born Under a Lucky Star and How to Nudge or Discourage One

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

Image by Angeles Balaguer from Pixabay  

A friend mentioned a family she knows that is born under a lucky star. Everything works out for them. When there were thousands of cancelled flights over the holidays because record numbers of employees called in sick combined with bad weather, this group arrived seamlessly on the last flight to land safely at their vacation destination in a storm.

Some of my friends do very well with lotto tickets or horse track betting. If I pick up $1.00 in the former I’m happily shocked though in so many other ways my star has shined brilliantly and I’ve drawn the long straw.

Folks may talk only about their casino winnings and successful fishing expeditions. They aren’t boasting even though you never hear, when they return empty handed, about dollars and/or time lost. I think it’s because they don’t want to complain.

Sometimes you can nudge a star in your direction or kick it away. Working hard at work and at home helps with the former and avoiding shortcuts can protect from the latter.

I’d forgotten why I had stopped using cake mixes decades ago–I make cakes, cookies and piecrusts from scratch–but it all came back to me on New Years Day. I was tempted by the packaging of a cornbread mix and I’d bought some wonderful baked ham to go with the results. The sickly sweet muffins are inedible. Cornbread isn’t supposed to be sweet. They only lack the stick-to-your-teeth texture of the worst of their cousins sold by 10th rate delis. I had planned to share them with friends. No way and never again.

Do you know people who are born under a lucky star?  Can you share examples of some who through hard work have helped along their stars and still others who in spite of life’s downturns nevertheless glow as though they’re blinded under the reflection of the brightest? Have you discovered any decent cake or other mixes?

Service of Dishonesty or That’s What Makes Horse Racing

Thursday, May 13th, 2021


I’ve been mulling over the subject of dishonesty lately because of a rash of high profile examples. This relatively mundane one brought my thoughts to a head: A friend who is on a co-op apartment board said a company called  Honest Ballot is overseeing the election for board members. The voters are tenant-cooperators. I’ve been on a co-op board and my husband was on another. One building was self-managed and the other hired a building management company. Bamboozling at such an election never came up in the day.

It sure has been the ongoing subject of the 2020 Presidential election that derailed a leader of the Republican party who objected to allegations that the election was unfair/illegitimate.

What about Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit whose trainer, Bob Baffert, has been suspended from the Louisville racetrack because the steed tested positive for betamethasone, an anti-inflammatory drug?  The horse will nevertheless be running in the Preakness in Baltimore on Saturday. Len Berman, legendary sportscaster and journalist who co-hosts the morning show on WOR-AM 710 in New York can’t believe all the passes Baffert has been given. He acknowledged that interest in the Preakness is piqued by Medina Spirit’s participation hence, no doubt, his being welcomed to run in the second of three races in the triple crown. According to “Over the span of his four decade career a total of 30 horses have registered positive drug tests on Baffert’s watch, with four in the last year.”

Have you heard of organizations that hired a company to oversee voting results? Do you think that Liz Cheney will in future rise from the ashes within her party? What’s with horse racing? Are other sports as loosey-goosey with the rules and those who break them?


Image by anncapictures from Pixabay

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