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Service to Others in Need

Friday, November 28th, 2008

We welcome another friend, a philanthropist and retired executive, who generously shared his thoughts of Thanksgiving.

What is the “meaning of life”? What is “personal happiness”? Is there a “God”?

These are some of the eternal questions with which we are born and with which we will die.

How, then, to make sense of all this thing called “life”? I think that I have found a way that makes sense for me. I think that life has no inherent meaning. All that we see, hear and read about has been invented by mankind to try to deal with “life”. I can only find meaning in the following “theory”:

Some people are born “lucky” and some people are born “unlucky.” Those with luck are born with two loving parents, sufficient money, and live in an organized society with a rule of law. Those who are unlucky are born without one or two loving parents; and /or have no money; and/or live in a chaotic society without the rule of law. Those who are lucky should help those who are unlucky so that the unlucky ones have the chance to think of these eternal questions rather than struggling to survive. Isn’t that fair?

So as I write on this day of “Thanksgiving,” I urge you, if you are one of the lucky ones, to please consider helping those who are unlucky.



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