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Service of Prepping the Boss: Why are Shoes Dropped?

Thursday, June 6th, 2019


Employees have their bosses’ back–or should–and do what they can to make the woman or man look good. When he/she trips up in public it’s often hard to tell whether the advisor poorly prepped the chief or if the boss neglected to pay attention.


The Clintons once received Holy Communion when Bill was President. Their advisors should have told them that Catholics don’t welcome non-Catholics to the Communion rail. They no doubt meant well yet the blunder was so easily avoided.

Speaking of Presidents, the advance team of a Presidential visit to any city foreign or domestic should know what is to happen every minute. This week in London the president failed to recognize the gift he had given to the Queen on his last visit–a pewter horse [photo below, center]. She’s a well known breeder and lover of horses so it was an apt gift. His wife had either read the cliff notes or perhaps she remembered. People magazine’s Adam Carlson, quoting the Royal Collection’s curator Tim Knox, wrote: “We just asked him whether he recognized it and he said no but the first lady did recognize it, which is rather nice.” While insignificant, a boss should never be blindsided like this.

Once my job was to listen carefully to what the boss said at new business meetings. Take the number of employees at the place: I ensured that proposals matched his claims. If a prospect wanted a company with 20 people, that’s the number he’d declare. Next time it could be 30. Almost every proposal was different in this regard.


A friend researched and informed the chairman of the large corporation he worked for with the names of wives and children of those who shared his table at the many events he attended. Remember the scene in “The Devil Wears Prada” where Anne Hathaway, playing Andy, [photo above, left] is similarly advising Meryl Streep, as Miranda, at Runway magazines’ yearly bash?

Have you ever had such a responsibility? Can you recall gaffes at high levels because of insufficient research and/or shoddy boss-prep?


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