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January 11th, 2016

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Manufacturers and inventors keep an eye out for trends to determine what they’ll introduce, in what colors and materials, to address which needs, real or fabricated.

In The Wall Street Journal, Geoffrey A. Fowler and Joanna Stern shared highlights of the latest gadgets at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In “The Wondrous and Wacky Year Ahead in Gadgets,” they chose to call out a laptop slimmer than a MacBook; a smartwatch focused on fitness; the Digitsole Smartshoe, a “highly connected sneaker”; a pod-based mixed drink maker [you’ve seen/used similar systems that make coffee]; a smart bed that “responds to your fitness tracker;” an alarm clock that awakes you with scents such as croissant or the sea and “Lego robots that teach science and coding.”

Trends 2It’s fun to conjecture what trends the creators tapped to determine the need for/timing of their gadget intros. For example:

  • Do they think we’ll have cause to drink as many cocktails as cups of coffee this year?
  • Fitness is on the tips of tongues of millions but how many exercycles and yoga mats can a health-driven person own? Enter some of these year’s intros: Will we become more vigorous and healthy as we compete with our records tracked by the latest gauges or will these gadgets soon pack landfills like exercise systems of yore?
  • Will our laptop choices reflect our fitness goals so we’ll toss out our “fat” ones in favor of a skinnier version?

Trends 3In another world dependent on trends, David A. Keeps, also in the Journal, interviewed five interior designers recently for their opinions of what was in and out of style. IN are: Black metals, rounded furniture, ornamentation such as tassels, Mexican midcentury modern and Scandinavian flat weave flooring. OUT are: Sisal and jute floor covering, “oppressive midcentury modern” and industrial looks, facets [on armoires or objets d’art] and rosy metallics.

Do you think that people toss their rugs and furniture if they learn that pundits consider them “Out”? How often would you change your upholstery, floor covering and window coverings if the expense was immaterial?

Do trends influence any of your purchases for yourself or others whether in technology, food or fashion?


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8 Responses to “Service of Trends”

  1. Donna Boyle Schwartz Said:

    Donna on Facebook: Not trendy at all…but happy with my choices…..

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I’m not either especially when it involves food. I am not a fan of kale for example. Because may hair so easily gets frizzy, there have always been hairstyles that would never work for me. And I’m working on a future post which exposes one of my faults that manufacturers would not admire.

  3. hb Said:

    I’m not much for either gadgets or trends, but I am sure, as much at I do attempt to resist their allure and appeal, they do influence me.

    Not being either dexterous or coordinated, I can never get gadgets to work, whether digital or mechanical. Therefore I use as few of them as possible. As to trends, I prefer being surrounded by things that are old, well made, serviceable and attractive. If they are unfashionable, I could care less.


  4. Lucrezia Said:

    Rightly or wrongly, I’ve always thought trends are for sheep, and should be viewed, but ignored for the most part. There are times a given trend inspires a creative/useful idea, a rare occurrence.

  5. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Even though they may be old and well made, some furniture needs upholstery; windows near covers; lampshades become shoddy and bedding and kitchen towels wear out. My guess is that you do make changes without realizing it.

    Because it takes so much less time to introduce products in these categories than it once did, if you remodel a room with the newest high-end appliances, fixtures and wallpapers/paints in cutting edge colors, you can usually find accessories to complement. There was a time that if you bought, for example, a high-end wallpaper with a white background, you could not find at retail white linens–they’d be a season or two behind and come only in beige. Your options were to pay a fortune for custom or pricey white linens or to hopefully find towels, shower mats etc. in one of the other colors in the room. We’re lucky today.

  6. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Probably what inspires many creative ideas are instances in which someone looks for something or a service and can’t find it. They listen to themselves say, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could get or find XYZ,” and then they do something about it!

    Trends in some categories, such as décor, help products from different manufacturers work together so a person can buy a rug from place A and be able to find curtains and upholstery–even table linens–that coordinate. If a fixture company like Kohler introduces a new bathroom sink and tub color, the towel and shower curtain folks want to know about it.

  7. Judy Schuster Said:

    I went for various shades of green with accents of pink/coral when I picked out furniture about 20 years ago. I still have all of it. One couch has been recovered, but I picked out fabric that would coordinate with what I had (and it cost me more than the couch originally)!
    Obviously, I don’t pay much attention to trends, although I admit green was in when I selected my furniture then; I’m sure it isn’t anymore.

    As for current trends, the only thing I pay any attention to is colors for fashion and then I buy only if it is a color I like. Last summer it was coral and I bought several items, since it is a color that I know looks good on me. As for gadgets, forget-about-it!

  8. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I’m schizophrenic when it comes to color: I love certain combinations–maroons/oranges/yellows as well as blues punctuated by yellow and I also like green in various shades. I think that today styles for fashion, in both décor and clothing, are loosier/goosier than in days of yore and it’s easier to bolster either with scarves, blouses sweaters as well as upholstery, linens, decorative pillows and window coverings that enhance both a person and a room and work well.

    Unfortunately, so many people are driven by fashion even if the color or style is unbecoming. This goes for men as well as women. They don’t get it: to develop their own style is the best way to go.

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