Service of Sudden Change

October 13th, 2016

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Change is part of life. I like to hope it comes out for the good more than not. I find it fascinating to watch either way.

No building there's Grand Central flipWalking east with Madison Avenue at my back on 42nd Street last week I saw the most remarkable thing: the full Vanderbilt side of Grand Central Station I’d never before seen. At first I was disoriented thinking, “What is that?” until I realized that the building that had hidden this view for as long as I can remember was gone. No doubt a new one will quickly take its place so if you want to see this in person, best make haste.

Cosi closed flipContinuing to my office on East 45th Street I noticed that a chain restaurant that had been on 44th and Third Avenue for years had closed. I liked Cosi for its Signature Salad and special flatbread and bought it often at one point, though not lately. I tend to eat yogurt these days and don’t often buy lunch at restaurants unless meeting others. And my office is next door to the Amish Market that sells anything delicious that I might want. I’d thought that lines at this Cosi branch were unusually short as newer chains and two $1 pizza establishments opened within a block or two which may be the reason for the closing.

Pumpkins are favorites of mine. I love the color and shape. I centered one between two pots of summer flowers illustrating summer meeting fall and imminent natural changes as my favorite season tries to hang on.

What’s your favorite season? Have you noticed any sudden or surprising changes in your neighborhood? Fall meets summer flip

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5 Responses to “Service of Sudden Change”

  1. EAM Said:

    I miss not having Cosi in NJ and since a few of the Cosi restaurants have closed, it’s too bad.
    I was looking for a restaurant over the summer on the UWS and realized that Josie’s had closed which I really loved. I often feel that chain restaurants are taking over and the small bistro/individual place is left to forage to survive.

    I love the pumpkin in your back yard. I bought some pumpkins to brighten up my entry way. I am a fan of fall, changing of the leaves.

  2. hb Said:

    To wax philosophical for a moment, you’ve hit the nub of mankind’s problems. Everybody is for change if it works to their advantage, but it doesn’t always. Over a lifetime, the best we can hope for is 50% of the time if we are lucky! And many of us do much worse.

    Take the political mess that our country now finds itself in. Thanks to an ingenious system of government dreamed up by an small elite of chauvinistic white males of northern European origin and, but for three men, all protestant, embodied in our Constitution, the second oldest written document in the world detailing how a country should be governed still in full force and effect, (San Marino’s is older by almost two centuries), up until now, we have been able to adapt to change as the need arose. Now, it appears that we are no longer able to do so.

    Unlike San Marino, whose geography and demographics have remained roughly the same for a millennium, America’s is vastly different from what it was 225 years ago. Perhaps our core problem is that we no longer have an intuitional ability to cope with the rapidity and dramatically demanding extent of the changes in every aspect of our lives, being forced upon us.

    For starters, perhaps we should spend some time talking about what changes nature has in store for us instead of wallowing in the endless banter of who cheated who, how and with what technology or sexual intent.

  3. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I think I’d like fall better if winter wasn’t on its heels. I’m not a fan of ice and snow and boney looking bare trees nor do I like feeling cold. I admit that fall colors are among my favorites though I also love blue.

    After I wrote a draft of this I see a few other empty restaurants in my office neighborhood east of Grand Central Station. Rents must be reaching the moon around here.

    Nobody makes the salty bread that I enjoyed at Cosi. It got stale pretty quickly. I brought some home on occasion and it soon became hard so it wouldn’t translate well at a bread bakery.

  4. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I get the feeling that the distractions around this Presidential election are a ploy by one of the candidates who is unprepared, hasn’t studied much and doesn’t have the interest or attention span to do so. Keep the birdie on the outrageous and nobody will have time to ask questions.

    The candidate speaks of change because he knows its an effective buzzword for the many who feel out of the profit and hope loop, but he really doesn’t want it. He benefits from tax laws which allow him not to pay any and the people from other countries who work on his properties and has the goods with his name on them made abroad.

    I’ve not figured out why he wants to be President other than he loves being on the front pages of newspapers, the talk of the electronic media and a headliner on the twittersphere. Change is not in his best interest.

    I also can’t fathom how people can ignore what’s happening to our planet. In the day my parents’ friends would roll their eyes when my Dad spoke of the importance of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring.” Talk about people with blinders on when it comes to negative changes in nature. There are millions of them still today. “Don’t bother me with the facts,” is their mantra.

  5. Lucrezia Said:

    Change is a two way street, and at times the best one can do is avoid getting run over. It can also come as a welcome breath of fresh air.

    While it’s sad to see a business go under, I never took to Cosi. The drinks were watery, and the collective atmosphere (tried several branches) lackluster. Remaining chains may profit by its demise thus permitting the hire of the newly unemployed.

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