Service of Deep Breaths: What Do You Do To Relax?

November 7th, 2016

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 Deep Breath

There are so many polls taken and reported these days that I can’t recall which the WOR 710 Radio morning show hosts Len Berman and Todd Schnitt were referring to when they said that only 2 percent of respondents had no opinion about how they felt about this year’s presidential election. The majority were “disgusted.” The bulk are also stressed about the election outcome tomorrow, which was a call-in topic of this morning’s show.

men playing golfSo no surprise when the conversation Friday led to how the hosts and news director Joe Bartlett relax. Bartlett and Berman said by playing golf. Schnitt said scuba diving, skiing and shooting at a range.

Depending on my mood, where I am or the time I have, for me it could be shopping for gifts, walking on a beach late in the afternoon, being absorbed in a great show or movie, reading chapters of a Calvin Trillin book–he’s hilarous–sitting quietly in a place of worship without a service going on or chatting with friends who make me laugh.

What takes your mind off your troubles at work, at home or concerns about the world’s conflicts?


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12 Responses to “Service of Deep Breaths: What Do You Do To Relax?”

  1. JBS Said:

    I can’t recall a nastier election in my lifetime, can you? And, I blame Mr. Trump for the nastiness. I generally vote for Republican candidates for president, but not this year! (And Bill and I both filled out absentee ballots so we have already voted.)

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I don’t recall such mud-slinging and resorting to ethnic slurs and calling others nasty names when they don’t agree with you. I hope that the permission a presidential candidate gave others to imitate him in this regard goes away soon.

    I also worry about the aftermath should D. Trump not win. He strikes me as the poor loser type.

    I am equally concerned about the impact of the millions who cast their votes after they heard the FBI Director raise yet more unsubstantiated doubts about Secretary Clinton.

    Just writing about this makes me want to run around the block to suck in fresh air!

  3. Dawn DeLuca, AKBD CLIPP CAPS Said:

    Unfortunately, most of us do not have time for or allow for “deep breaths”. Which, is of course a detriment to the individual and society as a whole. I firmly believe that no matter what the outcome of tomorrow’s vote none of “this”is over. If The Trumpster (as my nephew calls him) wins not only will the United States suffer so will much of the world. If the Secretary wins we will have another four years of the right blocking everything she sets out to accomplish. They will also continue to dog every move made looking for an excuse to impeach her. It’s simply exhausting and extremely disheartening.

    Deep breaths for me: Shutting down electronics and reading a good book. Grabbing my camera and going for a hike. Preferably to someplace where the only thing working, on my phones, is the GPS:)! Escaping to anywhere with my nephews:)

  4. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I like your deep breath suggestions and agree that rose-smelling and other calming techniques are last on most people’s list of priorities especially in NYC, where people compete to show how busy they are. There are other cities and towns where at 5 pm people are out the office door and on their way home. Not to be is considered odd.

    I, too, worry about the aftermath. I am concerned about violence at voting venues and wonder: Are civility and kindness to be disparaged as weak and pathetic from here forward? I hope not.

    Dylan Thomas had a totally different meaning for the words in his poem “Do not go gentle into that good night” although D. Trump may make up his own version. Thomas was encouraging his father, who was going blind, to live on. Trump may interpret the words as an excuse to continue to rant so as to stay in front of news cameras no matter what. Eventually, I hope, his followers will understand his motivation is about this more than about them.

  5. hb Said:

    Traditionally, when in doubt or angst, I availed myself of a couple of straight up Plymouth gin dry martinis, not too dry and with a twist. But for reasons of health and economics, more recently, I have been popping a couple of generic tranquilizers which accomplish the same end considerably less pleasurably.

    A better solution, though, to calming anxiety is to do something to actively root out and repair whatever are its causes. There are many things very wrong in this country, which is why non-establishment figures like Trump and Sanders, one devastatingly destructive, the other, engagingly fresh thinking and constructive, have emerged. What badly needs repairing is the machinery which allowed the evil one of them to prevail and the good one to be squashed. Fixing this problem is a job enough to challenge and satisfy even the most anxious of us, if brought to a successful conclusion, .

  6. Hank Goldman Said:

    I am tempted to say that a brisk aerobic workout while listening to great tunes eliminates the election anxiety problem. But, my gym has most of its TV screens on CNN and other news shows…

    Hopefully our country will carry forward in the manner it’s supposed to.

  7. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Watching CNN or other news shows as you pedal will get your heart pumping alright even if you don’t move your legs.

    I, too, hope that we settle down and that the ugly banter disappears and becomes like smoking–unpopular. Last night we were trying to hail a cab and there were none. Some young women were ahead of us and the one empty cab went past them and stopped in front of us. This NEVER happens. It wasn’t our suitcases… the driver said he wouldn’t take them because they were smoking!

  8. MArtha Takayama Said:

    In this election frenesi, I am finding it nearly impossible to relax. I try deep breathing from time to time, reading on a stationary bicycle, walking, watching old movies or “Law and Order SVU”( where sexual offenders are generally treated as criminals.)

    I make a rush for the “New Yorker” cartoons. If all else fails, I try to fall asleep, but stil have nightmares related to the elections!. I am like a lot of Bostonians who always vote democratic for President and other elections. On rare occasions, long ago, we may have chosen the other party for Governor when an old guard Republican with an attitude of noblesse oblige provided a more rational alternative than a fanatically anti-busing Democrat! Those times have long since vanished as have that type of candidate. Mostly these days I cannot relax at all!

  9. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I’m with you. Staying busy to keep the mind off especially what can’t be changed is a great way to beard anxiety and stress as long as the activity isn’t itself stressful or isn’t excessive/unrealistic. I love to juggle and am happiest doing so but if I feel set up to fail or overwhelmed, I am not happy.

    As for liquor, which I enjoy especially with tonic or whiskey sour mix and wine as well, I love both but not if I must solve a problem or be on alert to help someone. I feel that my edge is dulled and I get sleepy which is not the way to get things done efficiently or effectively!

  10. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I woke up this morning and whisked through chores and left early as I have a full plate these days. As I started my daily walk to work I suddenly realized that a muscle in one leg was tight. It’s nerves! I’m jumpier than usual.

    As Hank wrote, I hope the fallout from the election goes smoothly. I have my doubts if Mr. Trump loses. He has not disappointed in shocking and acting in an unusually crude manner so far so why should he suddenly become a gentleman to help sooth the country’s nerves that he set on edge in the first place?

    I’ve not been married to a party. Family members were in the past but I have found it hard to do.

  11. Lucrezia Said:

    No relaxing here since I’ll be working as an elections inspector from 5:30 a.m. to 9:00++++ at night. I like the job which should be both hectic and fun. I will not participate in election jitters, though plan to grouch at any and all unfavorable results.

    I have no particular formula for relaxing other than doing something I enjoy, and/or armed with a book, treating myself to a soy chai at the local Starbucks! Life on the planet gets shorter at a horrifying pace, so why waste precious time fretting over things one has no control over?

  12. Jeanne Byington Said:


    This is THE ELECTION to be working as an elections inspector! You may have wonderful stories to tell for years. Can’t wait to hear some!

    Yours is a sensible antidote to stress. I sometimes walk around Grand Central Station for a change of scene and to force myself away from my desk/computer.

    Have fun tomorrow!

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