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January 5th, 2017

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Hudson, NY

Hudson, NY

We visited Hudson, N.Y. over the holidays, a charming town in Columbia County that gets better every trip. I also had an exemplary retail experience in NYC.

India on the Hudson

We especially like the shops and restaurants on Warren Street and discovered a new one [for us]—Les Indiennes—with alluring merchandising that tempted as it exhibited textiles and ready-made tablecloths, pillow and bed covers, as well as clothing and furniture expertly upholstered in the fabrics also sold by the yard.

Les IndiennesI wish I could sew. Patterns were refreshing, crisp and appealing in a range of colors and the lighting showcased it all to advantage [Photo right]. A testament: My husband despises shopping and usually, regardless of weather, hangs out on the street while I reconnoiter. But he lingered in this shop, even drawn to the back to see what was there.

We also appreciated the smart move the town of Hudson made to encourage visitors and holiday shoppers to feast at the restaurants and patisserie—as well as their eyes: It wrapped parking meters like gifts up and down Warren Street, [Photo at the top.]

In the Pink in NYC

In a different but also heartening instance, I returned a blouse that I had ordered online from Thomas Pink, to the store on Madison Avenue and 53rd Street. I wanted the same blouse in a different size. Gerald, the first sales associate I saw, immediately stopped what he was doing to help me. I didn’t see the women’s section from where I stood and he insisted on dashing up the stairs to make the exchange for me. I’m inured to do-it-yourself-shopping in most stores these days, discount or not, so I was quite taken aback by his efficiency and helpful approach. We chatted while he placed the shirt in a protective sleeve [I passed on a shopping bag as I had a large tote]; he confirmed the amount remaining on my gift card and asked if I wanted water or to visit the ladies’ room. Gold star service from a luxury brand–the exception to the rule I fear and have experienced.

What a joy when a store, retail staff and a chamber of commerce get it so right. Can you share similar examples?

Thomas Pink box

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7 Responses to “Service of Pitch Perfect Marketing”

  1. EAM Said:

    There’s a shop that I often frequent, even just to browse, in Montclair called Jafajems. She makes her own cards (I bought a few Christmas cards on sale after Christmas) and other specialty items. My Mom mentioned that she would like a gnome wine stopper that the store carried. By the time I arrived to buy it, they had sold out. The manager special ordered it for me, and I followed up with her to make sure it would arrive in time. She then told me after picking it up, she told the vendor that they had to honor the availability of the product which was a speciality item (it was unavailable after ordering). I really appreciated the diligence of the store manager to make sure that everything had gone through. They do a beautiful job of decorating the store so it’s always nice to see what’s on display. I also went to another food shop in Montclair to purchase some specialty gourmet items, the store clerk was extra helpful in helping me narrow down my selection of items among them Wasabi Ginger dressing, a hot sauce, and a fig and hazelnut spread.

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I LOVE experiences like yours. HOORAY for the shops in Montclair. It’s a pleasure to visit ones that go to the trouble to decorate and are filled with imaginative things to buy. I especially appreciate reading about Jafajems, a place that clearly goes to bat for its customers. Of course you will return! Let me know if they open a branch in NYC!

  3. Erica Martell Said:

    Come visit me. In the meantime,

  4. hb Said:

    I have a rule of thumb about being well served when buying: Chose one horse stores. Of course, on average, doing that is more expensive, and I’ve been proved wrong more than once like recently at Macy’s when I bought a pair of shoes for my difficult feet. That was a great experience you wrote about in this blog.

    As to Hudson, NY, where I’ve been visiting for years, it’s all one horse operations. Some, but not all, are terrific. I used to make my living judging whether countries were credit worthy or not. On my last visit to that trying-hard-to-be-trendy town, I noticed a real uptick in cheerfulness, like the place is actually going to make it and become a good bet for investment.

    I wonder if foreign bankers around the world are saying the same thing right now about US.

  5. Lucrezia Said:

    I dislike shopping, so will bend in every direction to make the experience as painless and pleasant as possible. This tactic seems to work over 95% of the time, with welcoming smiles and fine service the rule in any retail establishment.

    Part of the negativity one hears about has more to do with ill treatment of staff, either by boss, customer or both. It’s a wonder that these victims can function, let alone show up for daily abuse.

    Awareness that the customer is NOT always right is key. Rudeness, insolence and bullying is never right, and leaving such attributes at home brings cheer — even to those of us who feel persecuted at the prospect of having to shop!

  6. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Chains are hidden in Hudson but some are there. I saw a CVS pretty sure.

    But you are right for the most part. And there are no copycats.

    On our last visit I tasted the best palmiers/elephant ears I’ve enjoyed since Paris and at the famed NYC baker Dumas [which closed decades ago]. I should have mentioned Café Lenox in my post. The cappuccino was superb as well as was a chocolate éclair.

    In response to your question about whether foreign investment bankers would find here what you noticed about Hudson: “…a real uptick in cheerfulness, like the place is actually going to make it and become a good bet for investment,” my answer is “NO,” especially after the recent presidential election.

  7. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I’ve been accused of being too easy on sales associates who have been rude to me so when I’m around, any snippy ones can’t blame my behavior for theirs.

    While I’m certain you are right–that many are badly treated by customers and bosses can be nasty added to low pay, long hours on their feet and monotony–it makes the day worse for all if they take all of this out on customers. Most of us, at one or another time, have arrived at work or for lunch with a friend or client feeling grumpy–even angry. We bury it. And by doing so, we can often feel happier as a result. Pollyanna at her best, but then some of the grouches should give faking feeling cheery a try.

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