Service of When Loyalty Goes Out the Window

February 11th, 2019

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I used Tide detergent for eons as my mother also did until all of a sudden the price skyrocketed–it’s still in the stratosphere even on sale–and I realized that the world wouldn’t end and my clothes wouldn’t rot if I changed brands. I thought of this as I read Aisha Al-Muslim’s front page Wall Street Journal story, “Prices to Rise for Household Staples.” She reported that this is the second year in a row.

An aside: I knew Al-Muslim when she was a New York Women in Communications scholarship winner and look at her now!

The companies are Church & Dwight–Arm & Hammer cat litter and baking soda for example–Proctor & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive and Clorox Co. They are responding to increased costs of transportation, raw materials and “unfavorable currency swings.”

I wasn’t pleased to learn that Bounty paper towels and Charmin–the only brands I insist on–are on the list. Oh and Clorox 2, another favorite, is no doubt also.

Are you married to certain brands or have you seen sense and found alternatives that suit you just the same? Can you recommend a terrific substitute for Bounty, Charmin or Clorox 2?


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10 Responses to “Service of When Loyalty Goes Out the Window”

  1. ASK Said:

    I have never used Tide; it always seemed to me to be more expensive than other brands. HDX paper towels, which I believe is the house brand of Home Depot, work just fine. (I wonder how many people use a sheet more than once.) I also buy Angelsoft double-roll toilet paper. Never bought Charmin…really disliked Mr. Whipple.

  2. EAM Said:

    EAM wrote on Facebook:

    I like the Bounty select a size cause they last longer. I also rely on Arm & Hammer detergent which is less expensive. Also, a big fan of Downy Wrinkle Release for those of us who don’t like to iron.

  3. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Can’t wait to try HDX paper towels. I like Bounty because the sheets are strong and last through whatever I put them through. Cheaper towels shred and disintegrate and I often need far more than one sheet and I really dislike working with a shredded piece of paper.

    Mr. Whipple drove me nuts too. I’m willing to give Angelsoft a try especially if less expensive than Charmin!


  4. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I find that if I remove tee shirts and other like clothes from the dryer after a short while and hang them up to dry I don’t need to iron them so I’ve not bought a product to remove wrinkles.

    I like Bounty. Cheaper paper towels shred, drive me nuts and I need many more sheets to get something done.

  5. Debbie Kunen Said:

    Debbie wrote on Facebook: I bring home papers towels from work. Use rags mostly. Purchase detergent on sale at Home Depot or with coupons at Bed Bath & Beyond. Not brand loyal. Tropicana shrunk their 59 oz containers to 52 oz and the same or higher price for OJ Will continue to purchase what I need for the best prices where available

  6. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Home Depot has amazing prices. NYC grocery stores must pay so much for real estate that they cannot discount detergents as stores upstate can do–the containers take up too much space. Last night I saw a moderate size bottle of laundry detergent at a midtown grocery story for $26. I admire you for using rags.

  7. Martha Takayama Said:

    I also tend to be faithful to brand names, but am not inextricably wedded to them. I am more consistent about food items than other goods. I buy Tide and I guess I thought all bleach is Clorox..

    However we often shop at the now legendary (courtesy of the Harvard Business school) Market Basket which carries every brand imaginable and many things under their own label. Almost always when we have bought the store brand there has been no disappointment.

    My grandfather, a grocer, also told me years ago that items labeled “S.S.Pierce” thought to be more precious and costly were also made by the same manufacturers that sold under their own names. It seems foolhardy or counterproductive to needlessly or constantly raise prices of established brands as innovative contemporary companies seek to offer beautifully packaged versions of the traditional brands for less.

  8. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Trader Joe’s sells many products under its own name that are as good if not better than far more expensive options. Take olive oil. For $7.00 I get a large bottle. I was stuck last night and bought a miniscule bottle for $7.99 at a Manhattan grocery store.

  9. Lucrezia Said:

    One becomes accustomed to constant use brands over time, so I buy in sufficient quantity to be able to jump from sale to sale. I haven’t paid attention to cost other than looking for a decent number following the minus sign….it’s too depressing! I favor Tide/Oxi-Clean depending, and Quilted Northern toilet paper and refuse to support artsy fartsy anatomically incorrect red/blue bears discussing a function they are unable to perform! Poetic license has limits! I am a lousy shopper bearing the logo: The sooner I’m in the store, the sooner I can leave!

  10. Jeanne Byington Said:


    When I had space I was able to buy things in large quantities on sale. I will be curious to see how I adjust to a different circumstance. First things first: I must unpack countless boxes. Until then, no shopping allowed except for food for a long, long time.

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