Service of Gratitude: We are Blessed

February 14th, 2019

Categories: Apartment Living, Moving, Stress

We are overwhelmed by the support and kindness friends have extended to us in the last week. Phone, text messages, and cards–even a surprise cake and incredible wine– have warmed our hearts and stomachs. Thank you.

We have landed at an apartment house owned by Pan Am Equities that is unlike any other. I have owned co-ops, lived in a condo and in a range of rentals. None compare. This gives you an idea: Management put a rose outside every door for Valentine’s Day. There are over 500 apartments.

Angelo oversees the team. Yesterday is too late for him to grant a request. He’d ordered a new sink the moment he heard ours was cracked and the next business day, after I told him tiles needed caulking, Leroy was busy at the task. Leroy did a superlative job and offered to switch out knobs on kitchen cabinets.

We are surrounded by hundreds of packing boxes and a sinful amount of packing paper. Cheerfully porters Phillip, Leroy and Giovanni have lugged the empty ones to the basement. I did this bit in the condo we lived in before.

Doorman Fred knew our names the second time we walked through the door and greets us. Jerzy, the handyman, repaired a broken light fixture minutes after I reported it. A friend said goodbye to me in front of the doorman’s desk on Saturday saying “Please sit down once in a while and take it easy.” The young doorman on duty piped up, “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of her.”

Not only the building has been kind. I changed our pharmacies to one in the new neighborhood and seeing my frazzled state Claudette at CVS [neither of us had our Rx accounts there] pulled together our profiles and within a short while had all prescriptions in the branch’s computer.

My hairstylist, now also a friend, volunteered to work on a day she never does to fit my schedule, so I can look in the mirror. Andrew, our brilliant IT expert, also a friend, stopped by Home Depot to pick up some items to save me a trip. He knew he couldn’t work on our computer when he dropped off the crucial items. It is buried under hundreds of boxes and is slated for a room that is not ready to set up a thing.

We are blessed. Thank you all. I hope that when you’ve needed support you received it–even from unexpected places.




4 Responses to “Service of Gratitude: We are Blessed”

  1. Martha Takayama Said:

    The wonderful experiences you recount are a reflection of your gracious,thoughtful, kind , charming and brilliant makeup, as well as of the positive people you are surrounded by,. Your narrative is a heartwarming description of well-deserved appreciation all around and human interaction at its best.

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:

    Gee thanks, Martha, a nice thought but less about us than about all of these caring people. It’s the same me who lived in all the other buildings.

    I was a total wreck when dashing in to CVS pharmacy, deliberately at an off time so I didn’t have to wait in line but late for work and wanting to get out ASAP. The young woman sensed my anxiety and was so efficient and kind–I didn’t have every document she may have needed but she got the information from my husband’s previous pharmacy, a privately owned one.

  3. Martha Takayama Said:

    It is important and reassuring to note that there remains in this era in which selfishness, rudeness, and unethical behavior seem to be national mantra that there is still plenty of room for humane, socially pleasant behavior and reciprocity all of which make life more pleasant and efficient for everyone! Thank goodness.

  4. jmbyington Said:


    The contrast to a rough tough I must win approach is palpable and such a happy surprise. It must be a happy place to work. I mentioned to one of the staff early on (I’ve been there a week today) what a remarkable group of people work there. He said:”we have our rotten apples.” Who doesn’t?

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