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April 9th, 2020

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Under what conditions should people ask for their money back these days and when should a company, person or organization comply?

A friend’s summer tenant at a weekend home tried to wiggle out of his commitment saying he didn’t know, with quarantines and shelter at home ordinances, if he’d be able to get there for the time he’d reserved. She isn’t giving him his money back and her contract backs her.

Joffrey Ballet Class

I heard of a person who asked for a deep discount on her rent–which her landlord granted because there were no washing machines on premises and the local laundry businesses closed–after she left NYC for a family member’s weekend home.

Parents are asking for their money back for dancing school classes their children can’t attend and organizations worry that annual fee-paying members will want refunds because meetings, networking opportunities and educational events are cancelled.


Universities, colleges and private schools might be parrying parent and student demands for reimbursement. Food, book and flowers-of-the-month clubs that can’t meet delivery commitments might be hearing from customers.

Theater owners have given back money to friends with advance tickets.

What about gift card holders for restaurants, hair stylists or gyms that aren’t open and may not reopen? The phone bill for an office you’re not in and the rent for the empty space? The list never ends.

Many have proved that a contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on and that clever lawyers can always find a loophole. Have you run into this if you’re a landlord, business owner or association executive? Do you plan to ask for reimbursement for anything? What about the person or organizations holding the bag–where do they go if they’re not paid? Is everyone being too hasty?


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  1. ASK Said:

    With the cancellation of a trip to Paris and Amsterdam that included several nights of ballet performances, I can say that the Paris Opera Ballet has promised to return ticket money to the tour’s organizer who promises to return it to us. Also, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has promised to refund my money for tickets bought independently of the tour. This was accompanied by a wistful plea to visit them when the museum reopens. I have options to rebook flights on 2 airlines as well. What we don’t have are refunds for hotel bookings and meals. Not likely to get refunds there unless the travel insurance covers that, but it’s impossible to get through to them at the moment. We have 90 days to file a claim.

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I understand and while painful for the organizations think that refunds for events you cannot attend or take advantage of make sense. I wonder if they have insurance for this kind of thing. The buck stops somewhere….

    I loved the Van Gogh Museum, a jewel. There are so many reasons I wish I had deep pockets. Hearing about their gracious wistful plea for your visit in future would have me making a donation. Easy for me to say…I can’t look at my shrunken savings statements and donations will be on hold for present.

    I wonder if advance hotel and meal sales will be impacted by their negative responses for considerations.

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