Service of the Impact of Alarm From a Pandemic: Are Your Prominent Personality Traits Magnified?

May 25th, 2020

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Most people I know appear to be adjusting to the pandemic. What’s no surprise? Stress and anxiety are magnifying some personalities. The attempt to readjust can happen after any shock such as the death of a spouse and I’ve noticed this in some of my acquaintances lately. If one is usually generous, she tends to go overboard; if nervous, he freaks more easily. Hoarding is another tendency that has impacted a few.

Some with enough capital to support three families for a lifetime, if chronically anxious about money, become crazed over a perceived delayed pittance. The resourceful are ingenious in supplementing dwindling incomes.


Our chronic political divide isn’t helping keep lives in balance. Know anyone who waits until now to cut off all contact even though differences in political philosophy have been clear for decades?

Some dig in their heels to extremes refusing to face scientific evidence. “Masks can save your life” and the lives of others NY Governor Cuomo said again at his news conference on May 23, echoed by governors–both blue and red–Dr. Deborah Birx and countless others. Nevertheless doubting Thomas’s proudly prance around unprotected in public mimicking the exposed mouth and nose of a peacock-proud president. Even the “New York Tough” moniker doesn’t dilute the inference of weakness to those who interpret being told what to do as unmanly. Experts can’t convince them that their reasons are faulty–actually dangerous–if they think that “real men don’t wear masks.” [There are still drivers who won’t engage seat belts and parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids.]

Have you noticed in yourself and others behavior that represents an extreme personality trait?



4 Responses to “Service of the Impact of Alarm From a Pandemic: Are Your Prominent Personality Traits Magnified?”

  1. Hank Goldman Said:

    I wasn’t able to post the actual road sign as a comment here but this is what it said: “WARNING Bridge Washed Out Unless You Feel that This Is An Attempt to Deprive You Of Your Liberty Then Keep Driving.”

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:



    The beauty of this country is at the same time one of its weaknesses: We encourage and support people expressing all points of view.

    The question remains: When does my freedom impact yours or your health? There are laws that identify the obvious–murder, stealing, abuse etc. but not the wearing of masks.

    Your example is a good one because if that doubting Thomas decides to keep driving, providing he/she is alone in the car, they harm only themselves.

  3. Lucrezia Said:

    While appropriately frightened, I’m sickened by non-stop references to “Pandemic” in an outrageous percentage of TV programs, e-mails, not to speak of conversations. This is an anything but healthy situation, and only serves to create more dismay than help.

    I find it a waste of time to self-diagnose. It’s of no good to anyone, so the above is my story — and I’m sticking to it!

  4. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I often watch MASH instead of the TV news stations I used to follow religiously and then tune in to movies, Netflix offerings and other lightheaded fare such as “The Frankie Drake Mysteries” on PBS–so I know what you mean.

    However I write here about what’s on my mind and/or what I observe. More to come I’m afraid. The usual topics don’t strike the right note for me yet. I wish they did. I suspect that is why all we hear about is news of the pandemic everywhere we turn.

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