Service of a Summer Saturday in New York

August 23rd, 2021

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This door was open at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Saturday
Cosmetic Market wasn’t open even though the sign says it should be

On a short walk this Saturday I found one door open–that hasn’t always been lately–and one closed, that shouldn’t have been; an empty space where there had been a building last I looked; a Swiss chocolatier with enormous slabs of candy and an outdoor restaurant that looked like it had been transplanted to Manhattan from Europe decades ago.

I don’t blame Cosmetic Market, [photo top left], for being closed until noon on a summer Saturday. Who is in the city anyway? However it might have noted the revised schedule on the website.

I’ve tried to drop in to St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the afternoon during the week and its doors have been locked. As with Cosmetic Market, there is no information on the website or posted outside the cathedral about the hours it is open. However I could enter when I passed by two days ago and a security guard told me it shuts weekdays around 1:40 pm but should increase hours after Labor Day.

Läderach chocolatier

There’s a huge amount of construction going on in the city yet it’s always a surprise to come upon a cavernous hole on a major artery, this time on Fifth Avenue and 46th Street [photo bottom, left].

I’ve passed branches of Läderach chocolatier before. The slabs of sweets always catch my eye. I wonder if anyone buys an entire block, how it would be packaged and if they’d ever finish it.

I love walking past Avra Estiatorio restaurant on East 48th Street. The lush landscaping on both the restaurant and curb sides make it one of the most appealing sidewalk eateries I’ve seen. Management pays equal attention to the trees and flowers next to the street in view of diners as they do to the immediate surround. The sidewalk in between is immaculate.

In August folks expect to see photos of ocean, lake, or mountain views–all wonderful. My city escapades are fun too.

What has caught your eye this summer as you took a stroll or a ride either near home or on vacation?

Avra Estiatorio restaurant
Fifth Avenue and 46th Street where a building used to be

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6 Responses to “Service of a Summer Saturday in New York”

  1. BC Said:

    Hard to find a parking place in Fl- food stores, restaurants, the malls,
    full of cars and people! Maybe many are from NYC on vacation? All the natives just want to get out of the house.

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I was in Bloomingdale’s last week and it was empty which is normal for August. St. Patrick’s had a steady stream of visitors–tourists I guess.

    I know two people who have recently visited Florida, one to see her mom and the other to meet with her sister. Others, who travel at all, seem to be heading to New England.

    You recently sent me photos of stunning birds enjoying the pond outside your house. A visual treat.

  3. Hank Goldman Said:

    The older I get, the more true the trite phrases of the past become. True or? Truly. Nothing is so constant as change.

    Too many to mention… OK, I’ll mention one. I’m talking into my phone and it is writing my response to you automatically, electronically, directly to you and the world at large.

    Great ideas on your part and the photos are good too.

  4. Jeanne Byington Said:


    About change and the missing buildings and construction around the city, I see it as a sign of hope for the future. However I hope that whatever takes the place of the missing building has windows tenants can open for fresh air. If there were wonderful architectural elements on the downed building I trust someone saved them. They make wonderful garden ornaments.

    As for the voice input function on my phone, I’ve used it for several years. Between auto-correct and the fact I must mumble, often what appears is miles from what I’d intended to say. Still, it is a help.

  5. lucrezia Said:

    Not much going on around here. Most of our stores appear to be surviving the virus, and Monsieur Henri appears to have seen Mount Kisco as beneath his notice – much to the relief of all. There’s a section where street parking is difficult at dinner time because of popular local restaurants. In short, very little excitement, which may be a good thing!

  6. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Normalcy is a blessing these days.

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