Service of Not as Good as It Used to Be or Is it Me?

September 9th, 2021

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My taste buds have changed. I’ve noticed that some standbys are not as good as they were.

Take Häagen-Dazs, the example that inspired this post. I buy it from different stores thinking maybe it’s the way it’s stored that renders it bland–melted and re-frozen perhaps? In any case, it isn’t creamy and flavorful anymore and while Talenti is thick and smooth and its gelato has zip it doesn’t come in the flavors I like.

I don’t order hamburgers much these days. Unless I’m in a steakhouse they are bland and disappointing. If I cook one at home it is a combo of short rib and steak and/or a zillion dollars a pound. Otherwise it’s best used in meatloaf with lots of condiment support or as meatballs.

I had a yen for an Oreo cookie but didn’t want a large quantity. When I finally found a boxed single row, I grabbed it. I haven’t had this cookie in years so my memory might be faulty. It was good–I ate it with milk, an essential combination. I loved breaking it apart, as before, and I ate some whole. I’m not sure if the treat had as much chocolate punch as in days of yore.

We’ve had crazy weather and I think it has impacted the fruits and vegetables I’ve bought at the farmer’s market. Corn was good this year but not great. Maybe I got to the market too late so the ears had already cooked in the heat. Too many peaches were mushy. Tomatoes were so-so. Sweeter and toothsome year ’round are the tomatoes in between cherry and standard size [photo right]. If bought at Trader Joe’s, they are startlingly less expensive.

I haven’t bought a corned beef or pastrami sandwich for over two years because I’ve not craved one. Between NYC rents and diet-conscious New Yorkers there are very few iconic delis to tempt as there were once. The last super fat sandwich I bought at one of the oft touted holdouts cost $20 and it was only OK and astonishingly anemic in size.

Have you noticed changes in some of your much-loved foods–or have you changed as have new favorites?

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15 Responses to “Service of Not as Good as It Used to Be or Is it Me?”

  1. Anonymous Said:

    This is minor but my favorite restaurant for Greek salad with grilled chicken has made a change. There’s no more purple cabbage in the salad. Silly as it sounds it not only affects the look of the salad(less vibrant)but missing the taste. Also my parrot Georgie loves purple cabbage and he’s missing it too. A lot of the local supermarkets don’t even have it in stock either. Poor me and poor Georgie bird….

  2. Anonymous Said:


    I like the look of purple cabbage but don’t buy it so I can’t tell you if it’s missing in the markets near me. One thing I miss is real cider which isn’t available at the two stores from which I buy it. I must get to the Wednesday neighborhood farmer’s market next week to check it out. As fall approaches, it’s sure to be back on shelves.

  3. Debbie Kunen Said:

    Debbie on Facebook: Smaller containers for more money.

  4. Jeanne Byington Said:


    The first item I noticed where fiddling with quantity became an issue–years ago–was coffee. The tin size remained the same but the number of ounces inside crept down so that 16 oz became 13.5. And because you mentioned packaging, I opened a new vitamin bottle just now and had to laugh because gel caps filled only 1/5 of the container.

  5. Anonymous Said:

    Debbie you’re so right. There’s less of everything only the containers look the same and the cost is higher!!!

  6. Martha Takayama Said:

    I am reassured to find out that others are less than thrilled qwith the taste of old standbys or favorite. I have been attributing all of my unusual disappointment and lack of enthusiasm for eating in general and all kinds of foods that I was previously couldn’t get enough of to the pandemic. But from the ridiculous to the sublime, Hershey bars, English muffins soups, American cheese, various pizzas and molten chocolate cakes, Bernard’s Chinese food, Captain Marden’s Scrod Supreme nd many others I am finding that nothing tastes as good as I imagined or remembered. I am beginning to think that the answers include cost-cutting, using products or produce that are forced on the market or into use despite being unseasonal and unripe, lack of attention to quality control and a general lack of concern for consistency or quality. IT seems the consumer is not supposed to notice, but be seduced by the wrapping or presentation materials either familiar or pretentiously important. In the end nothing taste very special. But isn’t it also in line with the incredibly tastelessness and stupidity that prevails in our country with regard to science evidenc and thruth?

  7. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I used to love English muffins. I stopped buying them and it’s because they became bleh!

    Cutting corners works for a while. Clearly our choosing other products has had no impact on sales. I wonder how so many Americans have destroyed their tastebuds especially as in general we no longer smoke!

  8. ASK Said:

    I still love H-R butter pecan ice cream and English muffins, but the ice cream container gets smaller and smaller and the price keeps going up!

  9. Phyllis Stier Said:

    Phyllis on Facebook: I miss the taste of ice cream of my’s is like eating flavorless air..Dixie cups,fudgsiscles, Breyer’s strawberry…I miss those..

  10. jmbyington Said:


    I kept thinking something was wrong with my tastebuds! I loved fudgsicles! And a good strawberry ice cream is impossible to find!

  11. jmbyington Said:


    That’s what makes horse racing. (I must look up that expression’s origin.)

  12. Tom Stier Said:

    Tom on Facebook: I remember flavorful sandwiches and ice cream sundaes at favorite luncheonettes. I even remember tasty meatloaf with fluffy, buttery mashed potatoes.

  13. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Oh sundaes! And milkshakes! At Brigham’s in Boston you’d get a full milkshake and the container in which it was made as well. You’d pour almost a second full glass from the metal container. And the ice cream was the best.

    I loved the seats at luncheonettes that spun around.

    Ice cream parlors served incredible treats too and often had a display case of candy.

  14. Martha Takayama Said:

    I loved Brigham’s and we can still get some flavors in bulk in the supermarket. They are good, but the experience isn’t the same. But how can you forget Bailey’s sundaes, hot fudge or pineapple that spilled lavishly over their silver serving dishes and their fudge which included pistachio and cranberry!

  15. Jeanne Byington Said:


    How did I miss Bailey’s? Sounds like my kind of place.

    I still mourn the demise–decades ago–of The Goody Shop in Mount Kisco, NY. The ice cream was superb. We’d have a sandwich first but all I wanted, in the day, was dessert!

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