Service of Arsenic in Baby Food

October 21st, 2021

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In upper school I read that some Victorian women took a tiny bit of arsenic to make their skin whiter. The poison accumulated in body tissue with adverse results. I remembered this because I couldn’t get why anyone would want to be whiter. At the time there was almost nothing I wanted more than to be tan. But I digress.

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Period manufacturers added arsenic to paint and wallpaper–not healthy–and it was many a murderer’s favorite ingredient. Think Amy Archer-Gilligan the serial killer celebrated in the 1944 movie “Arsenic and Old Lace.” Archer-Gilligan, who was said to have killed between 20 and 100 people, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1919 and lived until 1962.

So I sat up straight when I saw Allison Prang’s Wall Street Journal article “House Subcommittee Hits Baby-Food Makers Over High Metal Content,” with subhead “Report by Democratic members calls out companies over arsenic levels, recalls and product-testing requirements.”

Prang reported: “Some top baby-food makers didn’t appropriately recall products that contained higher arsenic levels than allowed by the government, according to a recent congressional report.”

She noted: “Heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and mercury naturally occur in soil and water. Baby-food makers have said their products contain these metals at safe levels.”

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Consumer Reports added some information:

  • Can manufacturers exacerbate the situation adding to the damage of naturally occurring metals? CR: “parts of the manufacturing process, including the addition of vitamins and mineral mixes, may be contributing to the problem.”
  • According to CR, the process to remove toxic heavy metals “isn’t effective enough.”
  • More info about where heavy metals come from. CR:  “most of the heavy metals in food come from soil or water that has been contaminated through either farming and manufacturing practices (such as pesticide application, mining, and smelting) or pollution (such as the use of leaded gasoline).”
  • CR maintained it’s possible to manufacture food with low/acceptable levels.
  • Babies’ brains, minds, immune and cardiovascular systems can be harmed possibly lowering IQ and creating behavior problems and ADHD. There’s also risk for skin and bladder cancer.
  • Are some foods more prone than others? CR: Yes: rice, sweet potatoes, apple juice, and grape juice.
  • And if you make your own baby food? CR says it will “eliminate the risk of any heavy metals from additives used in the food” but may not lower them in the child’s diet and depending on the food may increase them.

I’m equally amazed and appalled that major companies didn’t recall foods identified for having unacceptable levels of arsenic and other heavy metals. What marketer can live with these decisions? How dare these people jeopardize the health of babies and the reputations of the well-know brands they represent?

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3 Responses to “Service of Arsenic in Baby Food”

  1. Martha.Takayama Said:

    It is unbelievable that manufacturers of baby food continue to unconscionably market baby foods with toxic elements. It is more unbelievable that this behavior is not treated as criminal. What is wrong with us as a country? This combined with determinedly idiotic genocidal governors and other politicians, civil servants “health care “ workers, law enforcers, and insanely overpaid athletes add up to a kind of collective insanity. How and why can we continue to live while engaging in such concerted self-destruction?

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Because I didn’t want to divert from the irresponsibility of the manufacturers I didn’t mention what the Wall Street Journal did, that “The report [was] prepared by the [House] subcommittee’s Democratic majority staff.” And “When the subcommittee released a report on the topic earlier this year, a spokesman for the Republicans on the committee called the report ‘not credible.’”

    How can this be a partisan issue? What am I saying? We’re similarly split over the eradication of the deadly Covid-19. Why would this be different? Scary.

  3. Linda Levi Said:

    Linda on Facebook Horrific

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