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July 23rd, 2009

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A friend sent me this email message the other day: “Right now I’m at Alderman’s Toyota, a dealership in Rutland, VT…..Talk about service: They provide a few new Dell computers, which I’m writing this email from, for customers to use while they’re waiting.

“And the price is so much cheaper than in Westchester” [New York]…. “Another plus for Alderman’s Toyota is that the staff all wear crisp white placket knit shirts with an understated logo. The effect is one of cleanliness and the showroom, waiting area and bathrooms are clean. They have fresh coffee brewing and a supply of current magazines and some books for children. It is a place that goes beyond the call of duty. Sure wish they could be cloned.”

Speaking of beyond the call, I got one the other day from a manager of a company I’d written because of the consistently rude, off-putting-to-insulting service I received from their cashiers in one of their franchises in an upstate New York town. I wrote that I thought they’d like to know about the attitude there because they couldn’t be everywhere at once. The manager thanked me for doing this and said he’d also written me a letter in which he inserted coupons in the hopes that I would consider returning.

Can you share recent examples of service beyond the call? Have you taken a moment to help out owners of a business with out-of-control staff in a branch or franchise they can’t personally oversee 24/7?

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  1. Matt Said:

    I thought I might be a bit topical with Obama’s healthcare bill, but I never seem to think that doctors are for profit just like auto-dealers. Recently I had an severe injury that required surgery, and unfortunately my doctor was patronizing, flippant, and continued to load me up with meds that may or may not have been the right way to go.

    I went to get a 2nd opinion, and was initially dubious since the new doctor was difficult to understand and had a tiny office. Yet, she ended up suggesting a blood test which eased my mind, gave much better advice than the other doctor, and ended up answering my questions that were beyond my original injury.

    I am constantly amazed that there are doctors who actually want to set your mind at ease, and others that just view you as a paper to be filed and processed by insurance. Unfortunately, the former type might be rarer, and indeed service beyond bare minimum…

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    The instances in the post are so frivolous and unimportant in comparison to the service–or lack of service–received by patients.

    I wish I could state that I’d never experienced nor heard of horrific attitudes on the part of doctors. I can’t understand why these people didn’t direct their brains to research where they could make inanimate objects like petri dishes and test tubes feel neglected or abused, not patients.

    Thanks for you comment. May Dr. Flippant find he/she has fewer and fewer patients to mistreat. Plumber or electrician would be a more appropriate vocation perhaps.

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