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August 20th, 2009

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I now love–but for years felt the opposite about–beer and eggplant. Periodically I would take sips and bites of each. No change. “There’s nothing like a cold beer on a hot day,” I’d hear, but unless I’d been lost in the Sahara desert in summer, without a drop of liquid for a day, I wasn’t to be¬†sold, until one day not long ago, in a pub in England, I changed my mind. Same thing happened¬†when I first tasted eggplant in Turkey.

Moral: When it comes to food and drink, keep on testing or you could miss something special.

When I first encountered Twitter, I thought, “How silly.” I’ve changed my mind. When people tweet judiciously, and when a large percentage of the links they refer me to are of interest, I follow them. And reading tweets from favorite news sources is a convenient way of keeping abreast of late-breaking news.

Moral: First impressions aren’t always accurate.

I’ve always ducked when asked to fundraise yet I agreed to chair development on the New York Women in Communications Foundation board this year. Ask me what I think next May, but right now I am excited at the prospect of knocking on corporate doors looking for support of a topflight student conference and other Foundation events to ensure that the organization’s scholarship program continues to thrive.

Moral: Consider each opportunity because you may have changed your mind.

Exceptions: There are plenty of things I still won’t taste or do: eel and bungee jumping are two examples. The thought of visiting a skyscraper under construction or window washing above the first floor gives me goose bumps. And I still don’t care for grouse or liver.

What significant or insignificant changes of mind have you had and about what do you refuse to budge?

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