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September 8th, 2009

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Web consultant and developer Deirdre Wyeth, president of D. Wyeth & Associates, sent along an example of super service. We agree!

And Deirdre, who is one of the best in her business, knows about earnest service. There are few people who so graciously serve others and share their expertise with clients and friends as she does. In addition to her many clients, Deirdre was vice president of communications specializing in new media for New York Women in Communications and currently sits on the organization’s Foundation board.

Here’s the experience she shared with her daughter, who is a college freshman:

Bed, Bath and Beyond has a “pack and hold” service for college students (and their parents!). You go to your local store and register. Then they give you an electronic scanner. You canvas the store and scan in everything you want. You return to the desk, and they read the scanner against the remote store’s inventory and tell you what it does and doesn’t have. You can then decide to substitute items, or just knock them off the list. They print out and hand you directions from the college to the remote store, and you’re set.

When you get to the college town, you go to BBB and there’s a box waiting. You can make sure everything’s there, and you can decide what to get or not — you don’t have to pay in advance. We put an under-bed storage unit on our list, but in my daughter’s dorm room, the beds were raised, and furniture was underneath. No problem at BBB – we didn’t have to buy it.

The staff at each end was incredibly nice and helpful about the process. And the service meant we didn’t have to rent a van to get everything to school — we emptied out the load from home, and then picked up the BBB items.

Anything that makes moving a child into college easier is a miracle.

Talk about thinking outside the box! We’d love to hear of your examples of creative earnest service. Send them along!

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