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October 8th, 2012

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counting-pennies1Frills tend to lose out when money is tight but not in New York City. According to Gina Belafante in “….18 Holes In the Head” in The New York Times, “the city is spending $97 million to construct a public golf course in the park.” That’s Ferry Point Park in the Bronx.

It will open in 2014 and Trump National and International Golf Clubs will run it.

golfWho will use it and how will they get to Ferry Point Park with golfing equipment? Who can afford the time and money to play golf these days except for those who belong to private clubs? And as far as healthy exercise is concerned, there are tons of other less expensive ways of getting it–take walking.

Maybe $97 million is too small an amount to bother about but it should be enough to fill a few potholes. Last year I broke my foot in one and this year a 20-something in the office has wrenched her knee so badly as a result of potholestwisting her leg in a hole that she may need surgery. A cab we were in came to a dead stop in the middle of a street so as not to lose his transmission by sailing into a deep-dish hole on 10th Avenue a week ago. [Meanwhile we could have been hit from behind by another car unfamiliar with the road as our driver was.]

Am I being overly severe criticizing a plan for people to have fun? Think it’s because I don’t play golf? Can you think of other things to apply almost $100 million to in this or in any other city instead of a golf course?


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  1. GBS Said:

    I’m with you on this one! As a formerly active golfer, past director of a leading golf cart company, and a still avid fan of the sport, I could bore you with all the economic arguments supporting construction of this course, and there are plenty of valid ones, but this is not the time to be building a new championship golf course within the city limits even if there isn’t one here at present.

    No doubt, there are huge, multi-million dollar benefits to a host city from being chosen as the site of a “major” golf tournament, and while I don’t know, I suspect, for example, that the U.S. Tennis Open at Forest Hills makes a healthy, positive contribution to the City’s economy. However, a lot of New Yorkers follow tennis, but, as best as I can tell, far fewer of them follow golf. Also, a tennis center takes up far less space than a golf course.

    Due to its concentrated population density, the kind of park that makes the most sense for this city is one like Central Park, which benefits many, not just a few of us. It seems to me that would be a good way to use for this space, not for some lavish setup, which only a few hundred people a day are going to use.

    Save the money, and lower our taxes instead

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    What a concept! Lower our taxes! I didn’t think of that–but I should have. I figured someone gathered the money and it had to be spent. Scary how I’ve been sucked into the “spend, spend, spend,…” or do I cringe when I see a nasty pothole and think of what might happen to another person should they not be paying attention?

    Glad to see that someone who knows about golf and loves it agrees. I feel less Scrouge-like.

  3. Lucrezia Said:

    There are as many ideas as how public money is to be spent as there are people. Not liking a cause or an activity is not a good reason for non support. While I don’t like golf, a number of people do, and many of them have children who may want to follow suit. So YES for the golf course.

    Now fiscal conservatives may want to have no moneys spent for any such activity. YES to that possibility as well, because there is no favoritism.

  4. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I see no contest between spending money on a golf course and providing better care in public hospitals, adding healthy food to pantries, fixing crumbling bridges, increasing police and fire support. If someone wants to play golf, they should go to another public course or to a private facility, at least until money loosens up.

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