Service of Daylight Saving Time

October 30th, 2009

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We turn our backs on daylight saving time on Sunday. I love what on paper is a found hour and extra 60 minutes of sleep–or extra time to get chores done if I get up “early”– but would prefer it if we might jiggle time so that it’s still light at 7 pm all year. Maybe I should move to the equator.

What are your thoughts about time change?

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  1. David Hudson Said:


    I find time change a little frightening as it reminds me that I am a half year older. It’s one of the little benchmarks in life that I could do without, although I understand that it is good for farmers, not that we have many of those left.


    PS: Is that cat really that unfriendly?

  2. David Reich Said:

    The idea of getting an extra hour of sleep sounds enticing, but once you’re asleep, the hour seems to go unnoticed.

    Like the change of seasons, the changing times of light and darkness are a part of what makes life interesting. Daylight savings time does make sense in the nice weather, so we can enjoy more of our outdoors time in daylight. But in the winter, there is something kind of cozy about leaving the office and heading to the train in the darkness, with the city’s lights glowing.

    By the way, nice shot of Caramelli Cat above.

  3. Jeanne Byington Said:

    Thank you, Davids 1 and 2,

    The cat is friendly, when she’s in the mood. Typical cat.

    I find I am energized when it is light outside. Cozy is fine, but leaving work in the dark is a bit sad–not much left of another day.

  4. NenaghGal Said:

    Daylight savings here in Ireland is pretty deadly and initially I get a bit down but …when the weather is rainy and windy outside, having it dark makes you feel like it’s okay to stay in huddled by the fire. And everyone does. Believe it or not, in the summer, you feel like the day is never going to end with it sometimes staying light until almost 11pm at night – and while it is definintely wonderful – it gets you a bit out of wack sometimes.
    I actually love the extra hour in the fall – I’ve been getting up earlier with greater ease and it’s just light enough at 7am to get out to walk the dog (even if it is pouring down rain:)

  5. Jeanne Byington Said:


    You describe your setting so vividly, thank you. Quite stunning.

    Up at our house it can feel dreary in mid-winter when gray is the predominant color and it is bone-chilling indoors and out. That’s why we painted the bathroom a saturated orange/red. Even if we don’t have sun, the light from a skylight combined with the cheery color perks up our spirits and warms us even if it’s actually a crisp temperature in the house.

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