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Service of Things We Never Use

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013


Balcony nobody usesWe were having lunch at a NYC rooftop restaurant on a flawless, sunny, mild Saturday afternoon when it struck me how many apartments have balconies and how many people pay premiums for them and almost nobody uses them. There wasn’t a single person on any of the hundreds of balconies I could see from my perch in this midtown neighborhood.

JacuzziI’ve been told by Jacuzzi owners that they rarely use theirs. I always wondered how you’d keep the nozzles clean and although I’ve remodeled three bathrooms I’ve not been tempted to own one.

After years of seeing shoes take up closet space I have tossed an embarrassing number that don’t fit comfortably that I’d hoped would.

There was a time that I’d fall for the amazing sale and buy a remarkable bargain that I ‘d end up never using and couldn’t gift. Helped by the economy, I’ve outgrown this tendency.

fitting roomI’ve heard countless women in dressing rooms trying to squeeze into slacks, a dress, blouse or skirt, promising themselves that by thus and such a date they’d lose enough weight to fit into the garment for a wedding, birthday or anniversary party. Bet many of these wishful purchases go unworn. (Walking around the city I can attest that many wear them regardless of fit.)

Have you thought you needed something and when you owned it, never used it? If, unlike a balcony or heavy appliance or fixture, the item is portable, how long does it generally take you to give it up?


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