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Service of the Simple Things Friends Do That Warm Your Heart

Thursday, March 14th, 2024

Cousin Deb Wright painted this Valentine card for me.

I was about to leave my apartment to face a daunting medical procedure when one of my dear friends texted, “Deep breaths.” I responded that my husband used to say that to me, and she replied that she knew, and that I’ve said it to her at times.

“Big deal,” you’re thinking.

It was big to me. I left home feeling supported and at the same time deeply touched.

Another instance involved the first text I received one morning this week. It was from a friend who had never known my husband. I met her after he’d died. She said she was thinking of me on the anniversary of his death. It blew me away. A longtime friend who did know him and who remembered such dates had died in December.

I’d written recently about two friends who’d recognized my husband’s February birthday with a mass card. Golly. Who does that?

There are simple ways you can comfort, strengthen and let a person know that you care without a lot of fanfare. I suspect friends do these things and forget about them–but I don’t. Such gestures are important, don’t you think?

One of several gifts my sister, Elizabeth, gave me for Valentine’s Day

Service of Little Things Mean A Lot

Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Like a paper cut the tiniest thing can irritate big time. The fix is often so simple as to be ridiculous. Yet it can take time to face.

The bathtub in my new apartment needs a stopper. When we first moved in I bought the wrong size and for two months I’ve annoyed myself every day by having to adjust the thing several times to fill one tub. The stopper would slip out of place with the force of the water hitting it so the water leaked out.

For $1.49 at a full-price midtown NYC hardware store two blocks from my office and a proper measurement of the bathtub drain I solved the problem in seconds. Such relief! And it took me weeks to attend to this simple chore.

In another instance I was at CVS Drug Store looking for an item. As I scrunched to the ground and up again several times in front of a brand I heard a voice on the loud speaker: “Customer in the makeup department.” I was the only one there! I wondered if I’d touched a button—I hadn’t.

An employee appeared [spooky] and asked if she could help. I told her what I was looking for. They had split the brand so that half of its products were on one side of the aisle and the other across the aisle! I’d never have figured that out. Amazing! She apologized and admitted that the placement could be confusing.

Are there little things that get on your nerves in your home or office that would take little to fix and would make a big difference? Do you attend to them immediately or drag your feet? Has obscure merchandising in a store tripped you up? Do you think CVS has lost sales by splitting a brand’s beauty products across an aisle?

Service of Simple Things That Give Pleasure

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Pencil Sharpener for Post

I love the way fine paper and a good pencil feel. My friend Nancie gave me both for my birthday with blocks of Rhodia paper and a few pencils in the company’s trademark orange colored box. It’s a pleasure to tear off a perfect sheet with graph pattern to carry in my handbag with the day’s list or leave as a message. The perforations never fail so the top edge is always perfect, the paper sturdy and smooth. The orange colored pencils have an equally fine hand and the lead is soft but doesn’t smudge. The pencil feels so good to use it encourages me to clean up my usually illegible handwriting, slow up and take better care.

Halloween 2015 blog images 014That’s why I appreciated Ralph Gardner, Jr.’s article “Putting a Fine Point on Pencils” and can’t wait to get downtown to visit CW Pencil Enterprise at 100a Forsyth Street in NYC. I’ve been enchanted with such shops abroad and am thrilled that since November of last year the 24 year old entrepreneur, Caroline Weaver, has afforded us a similar treat.

Afford is the appropriate word. In his Wall Street Journal column Gardner wrote, “The thrill of the store is that you can do some serious shopping—say, purchase a vintage pencil as well as a Möbius & Ruppert sharpener from Germany and a Czech L&C Hardtmuth eraser—and still spend under 10 bucks.”

I won’t need a sharpener. I still have the one that was in my room from grade through high school and college days [photo at top]. I love sharpening pencils. I guess that’s the point.

What simple things make you happy or feel comfortable?

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