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Service of Gorilla Fundraising

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

I’ve written about businesses that, at the cash register, try to embarrass and strong-arm customers into buying a book or groceries-or whatever they sell-so that they can donate the items to charity. If putting the squeeze on customers who may or may not already be pressed financially isn’t bad enough, they then take credit for “donating” [while making a profit], what their customers actually have given to food pantries or children or others in need.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it’s bound to start up again. I’ve seen a business, a TV network and a  major bank heading the charge.

In addition, I’ve observed several recent techniques that inspired a reprise post. I live near a town and try to use its vendors. I am off-put when children, often with parents, stand in front of the door of the small business I want to enter. They are often selling tickets for a raffle to raise money for a team trip or uniforms. When this happened the other day, card tables with a team of kids around each were posted in front of doors throughout town. If you gave at one you felt cornered at the others.

The other month the subject line in an email I received, from an organization to which I belong, noted that I had not yet signed up to attend thus and such a fundraising event. I found the threatening and accusatory language inappropriate and a turnoff. What made it worse was that I had signed up long before and I still felt uncomfortable by the inference.

Threatening subject lines on emails arrive for non-charitable causes–such as joining webinars or attending conferences–and it’s just as off-putting especially when sent by a stranger, although I don’t expect an acquaintance to reprimand me because I haven’t agreed to participate in an event or to buy something.

Do you have examples of gorilla fundraising or do you believe that anything goes if you believe in and want to support the cause? Where do you draw the line?

Service of Waste

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

A comment to a post by Nenaghgal last week inspired today’s post because it set the stage for my reaction to a recent development that struck an off note with me in this economic environment.

Nenaghgal wrote: “In general there is very little waste at the company I work for here in Ireland, Nicholas Mosse Pottery, in fact, I’m incredibly impressed with the way this place functions. We are highly eco-friendly so we recycle, reuse everything, and I mean everything so I won’t go into specifics but I am proud to work with a company that has such high standards. More companies should take heed.”

I add that more people should take heed as well.

You no doubt heard that Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, bought waterfront property in Florida for $12 million and bulldozed the six bedroom house [photo below, left]. It’s her choice and her children aren’t hurt by her decision as she has millions more where the 12 came from. And it is nobody’s business what a person does with his/her money.

Nevertheless I wondered why she couldn’t find a house she liked better that needed minor nips or tucks or a piece of waterfront property with no house. Flattening a house seemed like a waste when money might be better spent to feed hungry families, educate wayward children, inoculate little ones who would otherwise be exposed to contagious diseases or provide clean water to towns and villages around the world where there isn’t any. The real estate agent claims the house was in disrepair according to The Daily Mail‘s mailonline.

I fundraise for a foundation. We cheer when we find partners to sponsor events and initiatives. The volunteers don’t calculate the hours spent to bring in the welcome money against the total which isn’t near $12 million a year. So you can see why I appreciated Nicholas Mosse Pottery’s frugality and picked up on Ms. Nordegren’s extravagance. For all I know she gives twice this amount to charity and we don’t hear about those checks. Wouldn’t it be grand?

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