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Service of I Thought I’d Need It

Thursday, January 20th, 2022

I have boxes of plastic gloves I no longer use but did early in the pandemic and just before I heard they were no longer effective I bought another box of 50 paper face masks to supplement a half empty box.

I found a package of 20 N95 masks at a local hardware store and paid full price, a hefty sum, that I wonder if I’ll use. They sure fit tight. Maybe I should take up construction as they are made to keep fine dust from sneaking into lungs. A few days after this purchase, my sister told me that the government will be giving out free N95s. I’ve given away a bunch of my stash meanwhile and plan to double up with paper or paper and fabric masks unless I’ll be in a jammed indoor event.

I’m prepared with two boxes of Covid tests I I bought. I’ve not lucked into any of the many handouts for these things that I’ve heard about. I’ve signed up for some free ones at

When I used to cook I’d buy a bottle of herbs for this recipe and a container of spice for another–and never again use either. Same with eccentric liqueurs.

I was full of ambition when I bought a pasta press. Before one of my too many moves I realized that even though my husband made the best pasta sauces on the planet I’d never use it so I gave it away.

I’m fickle about other purchases too as I admitted recently in the post “Service of Best Intentions: Makeup and Exercise.”

Have you bought items to combat Covid that soon became obsolete? In a moment of weakness have you talked yourself into a piece of equipment or gadget or makeup you rarely if ever use?

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Service of Best Intentions: Makeup and Exercise

Thursday, October 7th, 2021

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I know about best intentions. I buy makeup and with the exception of the most mundane face cream, base or lipstick, I soon lose interest and abandon it.

With the exception of walking, the only time I’ve exercised on my own has been to support the regimes physical therapists recommended after I broke my foot and to fix a shoulder issue. I’m ashamed. My father exercised daily. During the worst of the pandemic I walked for miles in my space-challenged apartment while speaking on the phone but most wouldn’t consider that exercise.

I admire those who buy exercise equipment. For me it would  become a place to hang a shirt worn for an hour or a sweater I was too lazy to fold and put away or maybe even an expensive device on which to air dry laundry.

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Jen Murphy wrote “Pandemic’s Peloton Obsession Turns to Peloton Fatigue At-home workouts grew into a cultural phenomenon during lockdowns, but the easing of restrictions has even die-hards idling exercise bikes for fun outside.” She reported in The Wall Street Journal article “The web-connected exercise bikes from Peloton Interactive Inc. start at $1,495 with the option to pay $39 a month for live-stream and recorded workouts.” At the height of the pandemic the recorded workouts made participants feel connected with others; some compared participating to attending a party.

“The pandemic has since shifted to a new stage,” Murphy wrote. “For some people, the easing of Covid-19 restrictions has prompted a break from their Peloton obsession and the pursuit of different physical activities. Others say they are too drained from the pandemic’s grind to muster any energy to hop on a bike.”

Peloton spokesperson Amelise Lane “attributed the decline in average monthly workouts per user to summer weather, which drew more people outdoors. Many Peloton users are spending more free time at the gym, dining out or taking vacations, she said.”

Murphy continued: “Other people say that getting back to social activities has left them too tired to maintain their peak levels of Peloton workouts.”

I’m considering a tryout with a yoga for beginners video I saw on YouTube [the operative word: considering]. Are there categories of things about which you have the best intentions but you discover or recognize your limits? Have you overridden any? Do you follow an exercise regimen with or without equipment?

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