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Service of Project Triage & The Value of Lists

Thursday, March 21st, 2024

Lists have always been my saving grace when I have too many deadlines and not enough time whether for work, entertaining or planning a trip. Lists don’t work for everyone—they drove my husband nuts.

My father loved going on picnics, my mom not so much. So that they didn’t arrive at their destination without the tongs to flip steaks on the grill, salt, oven mitt or charcoal my mother referred to her trusty list.

Lists clear my mind and remove distracting thoughts so I can pull off bits of each project like leaves of an artichoke. I currently have a pileup of deadlines. My workspace is an avalanche of notes on little pads. The “must do today” tasks land on one. Priorities of the others are scattershot.

Charts help.

Emails and texts that require responses can pile up at warp speed. The tried-and-true rule still applies, sort of. In the days we worked with memos and letters on paper, we were advised to handle–and act on–a document once.                                         

The feeling of exhilaration to cross off a to-do is palpable. I try to intersperse a few quickies—the downloading of some images or payment of a bill–so that the list can shrink at day’s end.

Do you have techniques to prioritize to-dos so they don’t overwhelm you?

Whether you are planning a celebration, a move, a trip—or a work project–do you find that the things you need to do for yourself are neglected and move from lists day after day? How do you focus and not waste time on anxiety?

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