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Service of Endangered No More

Thursday, April 25th, 2024

Have you heard of flat pigtoe, southern acornshell, stirrupshell, upland combshell, green-blossom pearly, tubercled-blossom pearly, turgid-blossom pearly or yellow-blossom pearly? They are all types of mussel. Once on the endangered species list, they no longer are. Aliza Chasan on wrote about them and another 13 species, from a fruit bat to a warbler, removed from the daunting list last October.

When Scott Simon spoke about Clark, the bald eagle on NPR Weekend Edition Saturday in early April, he shed light, in his charming way, on species rescued from extinction. He said, “The celebrity eagle is an ambassador for his species. His father, Captain, was gifted to President Ronald Reagan by West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt.” That was in 1982. Clark’s sister, Carol, came too. They stayed with the President for six years when Carol went to the National Zoo, said Simon, and Captain to the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, Mo.

All but Clark of some six healthy eaglet siblings were released to the wild, recounted Simon. Clark’s bad feet held him back, leading to his position as a spokesbird. These days he travels by plane with handler Daniel Cone, to soar over events while the “Star-Spangled Banner” plays. Simon concluded, “Because of conservation efforts, the bald eagle has been removed from the endangered species list.”

Brought tears to my eyes.

Have any of your favorite creatures been saved by conservation efforts? Are any in transition–almost saved–still in need of a healthy nudge?

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