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Service of How Flexibility Enhances Your Life

Monday, July 8th, 2024

At my first magazine job, a fellow editor led a set, structured existence. If you said to her on Tuesday, “I have free tickets to theater for tomorrow, want to come?” She’d reply, “I can’t. I wash my hair on Wednesday night.”

When I launched a single person’s life after a divorce, I asked a friend to alert me if I ever said anything like that. You miss so much by being inflexible. As an adult, the woman in my example had never shared her life with someone else which may have fed her intransigence. Her job seemed to emphasize the situation.

The woman in my example was a copy editor so she had more control over her workdays than most. Unlike the other editors, she was never in search of last-minute props for photography or asked to dash off 700 words to replace a freelancer’s late or unacceptable copy.

If you work in PR–where my career took me next–you rarely stick to a daily plan or schedule. Something or someone almost always sends you in another direction. There are many jobs like this—doctor or lawyer for starters.

Here’s an example of the benefit of flexibility. Yesterday was fully planned, including time to write a post for today. In my email box was a surprise. A friend, who was ill, offered me her ticket to a Broadway musical. My first thought was “what about today’s projects, starting at 10 a.m.?” and my second was “don’t be a dumbbell. Figure out how you can fit some of them into Monday’s plans.”

What fun I had at The Great Gatsby a New Musical—the sets, singing, dancing, costumes, and characters were fabulous.

Do you think inflexibility is a personal trait? Is it impacted by living alone or amplified by the job you have?

Waiting for the show to start.
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