Service of Memories

July 16th, 2020

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From a frenetic to a busy to a quiet life made more so by the pandemic I find memories pop into my head these last months. I usually focus on looking ahead but between the pandemic, the economy and anticipation over the November election it’s increasingly difficult.

I have always been drawn to cherry motifs. Happy memories associated with this luscious summer fruit have inspired my attraction. [The little bowl, photo right, bought at a craft show years ago is an example.]

As I ate some cherries, freshly picked yesterday in upstate New York, I remembered a childhood dinner game. We’d help ourselves to as many cherries as we could eat for dessert and when finished, we’d hide our piles of pits under our hands and give the others at the table a quick glimpse. The winner guessed the number of pits on the other diner’s plates.

Next cherry memory took me to a boutique hotel with restaurant near Puy, France that boasted one of the few up and coming female chef-owners at the time. Her husband was a magnificent host. Some 20 years ago while we were relaxing by the pool after a day of touring we saw her strolling on the property. As she walked she pulled a few cherries from her trees and popped them in her mouth. I remember this scene–and one of two American couples who shared a car who had a rip-roaring fight in front of us–but not what we ordered for dinner. Dessert was crème anglaise with meringue–floating island.

With all the sheltering at home I wonder if families are again eating dinner together and perhaps playing similar games as we did in the day. Have you been distracting yourself with memories to avoid thoughts of the immediate future? What triggers have sparked your memories?

2 Responses to “Service of Memories”

  1. BC Said:

    I am living in the 20th century mentally. “Those were the days, my friend”.

  2. Lucrezia Said:

    At risk of sounding smug and self-satisfied, if it weren’t for that dratted germ, I’m having a jolly good time. Haven’t lost contact with bridge partners, since the games and master points have moved online, the fees are halved, and no wear and tear on the car — it now takes about two months before it needs gas! Most friends and family are also online, and let’s not forget the phone!

    Everything has a price, and there are inconveniences, but isn’t it wiser to enjoy the moment rather than to fret about the future? To quote contents of a long ago sermon relating to anxiety, why worry about what may happen, when 80% of the time an envisioned disaster fails to occur? Pretty good odds, I’d say!

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