Service of Little Things Mean A Lot III

August 27th, 2020

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Money plant cutting

Since the pandemic began, I’ve written two previous Service of Little Things posts. Two of the following four little things may really be big.

My vote counts

I’m grateful for the link a friend sent me for the skinny on which exemption to check to legitimately send for an absentee ballot in New York State.

When I drilled down to New York, I learned which option to check: “Unable to appear at the polls due to temporary or permanent illness or disability (temporary illness includes being unable to appear due to risk of contracting or spreading a communicable disease like COVID-19).

Queries to the NY Board of Elections and to one of my senators had gone unanswered.

 A tree grows in a NYC high-rise

I was thrilled that a cutting from a money tree, aka Pachira aquatica, Malabar chestnut or Saba nut–seems to have taken root. This baby [photo above] is two months old. I feel joy watching it grow.

E-book heaven

And while this isn’t little–I splurged and bought myself an iPad and I’m thrilled with it–the book world is my oyster thanks to the New York Public Library’s e-book collection. Some books I’ve reserved, photo right. I’d never wanted to read a book on a gadget but the library is still closed and in any case I am uncomfortable borrowing a book during the pandemic. Like any convert, I’m taken with this space saver that almost everyone else has owned for years.

Talent to Amuse

I learned that a wonderful series on Netflix–“Call My Agent”–is in production for another year. In French with subtitles, it’s a well done, funny show that takes place mostly in Paris. It’s about a quirky collection of talent agents and their famous clients.

Do you increasingly appreciate little things in these unsettling times? For what are you grateful?

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11 Responses to “Service of Little Things Mean A Lot III”

  1. BC Said:

    I am grateful to wake up each morn with my beloved husband of 55 years.

    We enjoy little things like walks, pool, croquet, and talking to friends. Living in a gated community, we are somewhat walled off from others, but appreciate the privacy and quiet.

  2. Hank Goldman Said:

    I am grateful for your keeping this series of blogs going. It keeps me thinking, which is a good and necessary thing in these strange times

  3. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I’m grateful for your and TC’s friendship.

  4. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Thanks. I’m grateful for your comments and enjoy writing the posts. If you have a topic you’d like to share let me know.

  5. MarthaTakayama Said:

    In these gloomy days of lock down, quarantine, political and medical dissension and dreadful news day and night any kind or polite gesture or interaction seems more significant then ever. After getting a pleasant and reassuring response to an inquiry of medical support staff at a major hospital working with severely reduced staff I have requested to speak with the employee’s supervisor to express praise and gratitude. One of my dearest friends calls this giving an “attaboy” statement. I am very grateful for the reassurance and kindness and know that the praise enters an employee’s record.

    Funny emails and videos from friends I can’t see in person because of concerns about social distancing really lift my spirits. I also try to share them. A delicious home cooked meal made by my creative, bossy Japanese husband who (refers to me as an American canned food being) makes me happy.

    I simply adore the very French, very madcap “Call My Agent”, which I only know about because you, Jeannie, introduced me to it. I am thrilled to know that a new season is in the making. Also because of your referral I have shared my enthusiasm with a number of people who are now aficionados including my sister and her Greek husband who spoke French before English! It is fun to be able to share something positive that we can enjoy despite the confines of the pandemic.

    The last thing which means a lot is not little at all. Laura L., my very dear friends’  beautiful, brilliant and funny daughter has returned home after being the longest surviving Covid patient at Massachusetts General Hospital. She is a miracle, an inspiration  and a testimony to the strength of love and prayer. In addition to everything else that  is wonderful about her she introduced me to the oeuvre of Randy Rainbow!

  6. Helen Rabinovitz Said:

    I’m grateful for my two guardian angels Alfred and Owen. Alfred lives down the hall and Owen lives one one floor down. My husband spends a lot of time in Florida. Alfred checks on me at least twice a week to see if I’m okay and need anything. Not to mention…surprised me with two cases of bottled water. Owen also checks on me and we share Covid supplies..masks, hand sanitizer etc. also having my guardian angels around makes me feel safe. It doesn’t hurt that they can open things I’m not strong enough to open. Oh and they’re both tall so there’s nothing They can’t reach. I feel like the luckiest woman around because of these two wonderful men!

  7. Jeanne Byington Said:


    So glad your friend’s daughter is back home! No doubt all the nurses and staff at Mass General applauded her on her departure.

    Randy Rainbow is a genius–talented,funny….just what the doctor ordered.

    Few people take the time for “attaboys.” I first heard that term on “Blue Bloods,” which when re-runs happen on Wednesday nights in NYC, I watch. Good for you and hooray for the staff that in spite of the pressures they are under, took time to be gentle and kind.

  8. MarthaTakayama Said:

    I think this post in and of itself is another example of “little things mean a lot”! The post and the lovely responses are all meaningful and uplifting! Thank you for making our lives more interesting!

  9. Jeanne Byington Said:


    You are lucky. I have lived here a year and a half and the only people I knew on my floor moved out before the pandemic hit. I rarely if ever see a soul on my floor and those I meet in the elevator I never see again. The staff in the building are ten star and for that I am blessed.

  10. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I’m always surprised that someone reads my blog and it makes me so happy when they take the time to comment!!!! Ten cherries on my cake. THANK YOU.

  11. Lucrezia Said:

    Hard to believe we’ve been incarcerated for five months, with no end in sight! That said, I continue to be grateful, that as a member of the “most vulnerable” group, I’m not only alive, but enjoying life as it is. May we all have something to crow about, if and when the cloud lifts!

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