Service of Changing Your Mind IV

September 3rd, 2020

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I’ve written here about this subject covering an organization that disinvited a celebrity speaker to politicians flip-flopping about policies or giving the go-ahead for a public event and then cancelling it in the end. Apology and forgiveness are cousins to changing one’s mind and I’ve written about these as well.

What, if anything, does it take to change a voter’s mind? The people who run political campaigns must think it can be done or they wouldn’t throw mud and innuendo at one another and plant rumors. Has Trump had a stroke or Covid-19? Is Melania steadying him as he walks which is why she holds his hand these days?  Does Biden have dementia? Why is he hiding in his basement?

Every time I enter a room to get something and I can’t recall why, I remember I’ve been doing this since college when I’d arrive in a friend’s dorm room and go blank. Lucky I’ve not run for office all these years as I’d already be institutionalized by the media. I’ve never remembered movie or book titles, hotel or restaurant names. I’m ashamed. My husband enabled me as he always came up with the info I’d forgotten.

I marvel at actors who remember a book’s length of lines and friends who always dig up the title or name I’m groping for. Google is a godsend, but I digress.

Are people who turn a blind eye to a politician’s transgressions as easy on their spouses, siblings and children? What filter do voters use to determine truth from fiction? Do we believe only what we want to hear? What does it take for a politician on one side of the aisle to compromise or change his/her mind or is that out of the question these days? Have you ever changed your mind about anything?

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7 Responses to “Service of Changing Your Mind IV”

  1. Daphne Bloomberg Said:

    Daphne wrote on Facebook: The entrenched Fox Entertainment viewers are burrowed in and will not be open to changing their views. All others are persaudable if presented reasonable reasons for their consideration. As an activist I want to know the source of a person’s information.

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    You are SO RIGHT to track down the source of information, especially when seen on social media or when someone starts speaking with “lots of people say,” or “I’ve often heard….”

    Speaking of reasonable reasons, I have been troubled by what I’ve read–that if Trump & cohorts pass the NO PAYROLL TAX initiative it spells the end of social security because that’s what feeds/supports it. If this is true, why don’t I see this echoed daily from the highest mountain to the over 65 demographic and their children many of whom don’t want to end up supporting their parents.

  3. Lucrezia Said:

    Everyone is different, so there’s no telling how anyone’s mind works. With me, a sudden shifting of gears is reserved for the seriousness of a situation, or a sudden turn of events which unveils a problem.

    Not being a guardian of the public morals, I am disinterested in anyone’s foibles unless they threaten harm. I see judging of others is just as bad as the perceived fault. Come to think of it, the arrogance of it all!

    I am also suspicious of baseless and illogical conjecture. Not being a fan of the President does not permit one to openly suspect him of hiding a serious medical condition. The diagnosis belongs to a physician who has interviewed the subject, and not members of the public.

    Incorrect statements about his rival,such as harboring dementia and/or living in the basement, are equally reprehensible. Just yesterday afternoon he was being interviewed by the press in Delaware,and headed for a Wisconsin event later on. Demented? In hiding? Indeed!

  4. Daphne Bloomberg Said:

    Daphne wrote on Facebook: you are correct. The R’s have wanted to reduce and eventually end the payroll tax for decades. It baffles me why people vote against their own best interest when they hear the word tax. Again I return to Fox entertainment and right wing radio for the. Divisiveness and aggressiveness we are experiencing . Their drum beat of lies is unrelenting. Their followers are entrenched.

    Just a note of interest. Fox is chartered for entertainment not news so Fox News is a lie .

  5. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I agree. This country needs to return to a time–if one really ever existed–where civil conversation can take place between people who disagree. We’re doomed otherwise. As for spreading unsubstantiated rumors about a candidate, it probably always happened but today it’s so easy to get out the lie in every nook and cranny with social media.

    The other troubling question is how many Russian fists are in the election mix?

    The latest tweak to the campaign is that Republicans said to be urging Kanye West to run in Arizona to take votes from Biden. It makes sense for this to be so but is it?

  6. Jeanne Byington Said:


    That is some note of interest re. Fox’s charter not, as you pointed out, that it will make any difference to the Fox followers.

    Don’t worry some people with the facts is what I’ve found to be true not only recently. Think of the anti-vaccine people who pin their belief on a doctor who promoted false tests. For those who must put their hand on the flame before they believe it will hurt who harm only themselves I say go for it. But too often others are harmed by this approach.

  7. MarthaTakayama Said:

    Martha Takayama

    2:53 PM (1 hour ago)

    I used to think (Pre the cult of-Trump) that the public or at least some of it did pay attention to news events, interviews, broadcasts on various media, and all other forms of social exchange dissemination of information sometimes change their mind about candidates or their party affiliation. I do think there have been large shifts in opinion by different segments of our public with respect to their pirates.

    However, I can’t recall any era so filled with extreme and dishonest behavior that has proved to have a Teflon coating as in these last 4 horrific years. It appears that a certain “base” which consists of Trump supporters does not change its mind no matter what is in evidence. Evidently truth vs. fiction or any other available filters are of no interest to this type of person. I think many others are often inconsistent in their judgments of public vs. private person, and that hypocrisy often enters into the decision to forgive and forget or not. {It seems that the art of compromise has been put in storage for the last 4 years at least. We can only hope it makes a comeback.}

    I have never changed my political party, however, I have changed my mind about issues and candidates.
    I have had to change my mind or adapt with varying difficulty to many things. I think life demands that of us.

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