Service of When You Lose, Let Go

October 12th, 2020

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I’ve been on the losing side of a board vote. It’s not easy to let go, especially if you spent hours researching the argument for “your side.” The immediate choice: support the majority’s decision or leave the board.

The country did that in 2000 after the Bush vs. Gore election. A large percentage of the population gritted its teeth and moved on when Gore won the national popular vote but lost the electoral college according to the Florida vote recounting.

I am concerned that there are too many militia groups prepared to show their displeasure in violent ways should this president not win a second term.

On Friday Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning on WOR 710 radio, a station with largely a conservative Republican point of view, interviewed Brad Garrett, ABC News Crime & Terrorism Analyst, former FBI agent, media consultant on crime & terrorism and private investigator. He shared his thoughts about the arrested plot by a militia group to kidnap, try for treason and kill Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and to overthrow the Michigan Statehouse.

Garrett said that the hate groups were “serious and were really going to try it.” Berman asked him “are there lots of kooks and groups like this around the country?” Garrett replied “Yes.” He said it is a locally-driven phenomenon and that he is concerned because “they really like President Trump” and “feel that he is in their corner.” My concern, said Garrett, is that if he loses they must “take care of their guy.”

Mary B. McCord in a New York Times opinion piece, “The plot against Gretchen Whitmer shows the danger of private militias,” identified a range of laws that “point to a single conclusion: there is no right in any state for groups of individuals to arm themselves and organize either to oppose or augment the government”

The former acting assistant attorney general for national security wrote: “now, more than ever, state and local officials must enforce these statutes.” And “Those groups, like the Three Percenters, Oath Keepers and others they claim to be ‘patriots’ but answer to their own interpretation of the Constitution, are likely to hear the presidents unsupported claims about election fraud as their license to deploy to the polls to ‘protect’ or ‘patrol’ the vote.”

The president didn’t contact the Governor to see if she was OK after the foiled attempt on her life. Instead he wrote three  tweets, [excerpts follow], in which he claimed the Governor “has done a terrible job,” and he commended the Federal Government’s “tremendous help to the Great People of Michigan.” He added “…. Rather than say thank you, she calls me a White Supremacist–while Biden and Democrats refuse to condemn Antifa, Anarchists, Looters and Mobs that burned down democrat run cities…” In the third tweet he wrote “Governor Whitmer – – open up your state, open up your schools, and open up your churches!”

Craig Mauger in The Detroit News wrote: “Along with federal authorities, state and local law enforcement officials were also involved in uncovering the plot against Whitmer.”

In addition Mauger  reported: “Trump also falsely tied school and church closures to Whitmer. Schools decide for themselves whether to have in-person instruction in Michigan. Churches have been exempt from many COVID-19 restrictions in the state, and many have been holding worship services.”

Have you lived with a decision or vote you disagreed with? How have you handled the disappointment and frustration? Do you think all will be hunky dory after the election if Donald Trump loses? Are you planning to stay home the day the winner is announced in case there is violence?

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7 Responses to “Service of When You Lose, Let Go”

  1. BC Said:

    There will be ongoing violence no matter who wins. Too many groups are intent to destroy our democracy.

  2. ASK Said:

    There is going to be violence with either candidate…And much finger-pointing on both sides. I don’t think either the far left or the far right will be satisfied. We don’t seem to have any more “moderate” politicians. And, please someone answer this question, why are we voting for either of two men who are both in their ’70s? Sorry, but I find neither one an attractive candidate…we are voting for the lesser of two evils.

  3. Jeanne Byington Said:


    The subjects of politics and religion have been off the table as long as I can remember and now some yell at each other about both. The climate in the land is combative as it was in the 60s. Can’t auger well.

  4. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I am voting for–or against–what the candidates stand for. The ages of the candidates are the least of our worries. I don’t think being old is evil. I am counting on a winner who will support the presidency with solid advisors he listens to and a VP who won’t agree with everything he says. Two minds really are better than one.

    Biden supporters will protest if he loses. If looters–who are unrelated to protesters–get in on the act, that will be too bad.

  5. MarthaTakayama Said:

    Everyday I have been living with a vote I disagreed with. I never contemplated voting for Donald Trump, I could never have imagined the anxiety, distress, anger, and constant fear that this experience has caused me. I cannot get over it. I am extremely concerned about the threats of ever growing aberrant terrorist violence like the plan to kidnap the Governor of Wisconsin. I am outraged and sickened by Trump’s unchecked pathological lying and murderous behavior and public tolerance of it. I’m constantly reminded of the rise to power of Hitler. I am afraid now and of election day because of the threats of dictatorial behavior and the profusion of deranged and violent groups egged on by the madman in chief. I plan to stay home and hope for the best.

  6. Jeanne Byington Said:


    There are millions who feel as you do. I will stay close to home on election day myself. I received an absentee ballot and my plan is to try to vote early, in person. If the conditions make me uneasy Covid-19-wise–long line, crowded interior, poor ventilation–I will drop my ballot either in the mail or in a drop box designed for the purpose. There should be one by the polling place but I’m not taking any chances. My ballot will be stamped. The USPS can use the money.

    My heart goes out to those who work for the government, are forced to maintain the White House and care for the first family and have been exposed to the dangerous behavior of the president during his illness.

    The subhead to New York Times’ Michael M. Grynbaum’s article published yesterday: “Newspapers and networks are wary of exposing their staff members to the president and his aides, saying they do not have assurance that basic precautions will be taken to protect reporters’ health.” He wrote: “The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post are among the major outlets that have declined to assign reporters to travel with Mr. Trump as he returns to the trail this week, saying they do not have assurance that basic precautions will be taken to protect reporters’ health.”

    Had the media predicted what this person would have done to destroy the health of this country literally and figuratively, they might not have given his shenanigans the credibility they did by constant coverage in 2016.

  7. Lucrezia Said:

    There’s no question about these being scary times. The thought of our President supporting thugs and murderers at the expense of a duly elected victim, inspires words unacceptable to this milieu.

    During a long ago sermon, a popular priest observed that 80% of envisioned horrors don’t occur, and that so much precious time is squandered wondering what would happen if they did. Since there’s nothing I or anyone I know can do much about current threats of government takeover, I will view them as a coward’s bluff until proven otherwise. Life is way too short to keep biting ones nails over imaginary incidents — and further, they don’t taste that good!

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