Service of Good Things that Happen When Nature Obliges

February 8th, 2021

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I shake a finger at nature after a destructive hurricane, tornado or fire started by lightning. But at times good things happen when she intervenes–even as a result of a murdering pandemic.

As I stood in line at the post office, six feet from the man in front and woman behind me, I thought, “Social distancing during the pandemic discourages pickpockets.”

Speaking of discouraging, jaywalkers are also out of business in NYC after a big snowstorm. The photo, above, of Third Avenue between 41st and 42nd, taken a few days after last week’s snowstorm, illustrates the point.

As I ran an errand on a very cold morning my mask kept my face warm. Imagine that–something else to thank the pandemic for!

Last, I welcome the photos taken in backyards or around the world that I see online or that friends send of extraordinary landscapes and animals, [such as the shot pictured below].

Even as the pandemic rages and more snow descends on the Midwest and temperatures drop below zero in North Dakota and Minnesota, nature smiles. Can you think of more examples?

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6 Responses to “Service of Good Things that Happen When Nature Obliges”

  1. Lucrezia Said:

    Nature is no friend, as tornados, tsunamis and other scary events will testify. There’s no such thing as picking a less populated place in which to carry on. It’s all random. There’s beauty in the performance of active volcanos, but each display may or may not come at a huge price.

    While the temporary kibosh on pickpockets provides comfort, they will be back in force, making up for lost revenue, once vaccines take hold. (There’s an upside of sorts: fewer pickpockets)

    Taking this into consideration, I’m not wagging a finger at a force millions of times more powerful than myself. In all probability it won’t notice, let alone care, but better a live chicken than a dead duck!

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I’m in awe of surfers who take on giant waves so gracefully and am endlessly in awe of the colors of the sky at sundown–peach and raspberry to orange and gray.

    When I saw firsthand the destruction of floods in ND and the aftermath of tornadoes in Missouri–so many times worse in person than on TV–I was again reminded of the power of nature and no matter how smart we become thanks to technology we can’t parry what she doles out when she has a mind to.

  3. JBS Said:

    You can have snow, I need spring! Several feet of snow are in my front yard!

  4. Lucrezia Said:


  5. Francine Ryan Said:

    Francine on Facebook:

    Last evening, after the snow ended, it was the most beautiful sunset. All pink and apricot – like a Tintoretto painting shining through the snowy branches and making the light on the lawns glow pink and perfect

  6. jmbyington Said:


    Your description paints a magnificent visual and is precisely the kind of example I’d hoped for. Nature has its way with us but is also generous with its gifts.

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