Service of Pet Peeves III

February 22nd, 2021

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I wrote the first two Pet Peeve posts in 2010 and 2011, summarized below as my feelings about them are unchanged. And although they’re not earmarked as such, many posts over years focus on irritating situations that fall in the peeve category, such as the recent ones about bait and switch sales tactics and euphemisms like “food insecurity” for hunger.


Hard to believe I have so many new ones.

I recently paid by credit card for bread in a bakery and dinner from a takeout-only Chinese place. In both instances an automatic tip request popped up on the tablet’s screen. Why should I give a tip to someone for putting a loaf of bread in a bag? I gave a tip for the Chinese takeout, even though I picked up my order, but friends who tip generously said they wouldn’t.

I don’t answer when surveys ask me what my income is and don’t believe that they should ask.

TV news producers: Stop showing close-ups of injecting vaccines into arms. For the squeamish who aren’t planning to get the vaccine it’s a turnoff and deterrent.

Train your vicious dog or give it away particularly if you live in an apartment house.

Respond to personal texts within 24 hours–especially if the sender infrequently reaches out and/or if they pose an important question.

If I never hear from you for months and we are personal acquaintances send me something more than a link to an article.

If I consistently “like” your Facebook postings, every once a quarter please “like” one of mine.


I’m surprised at how many of the oldie peeves are pandemic-proof. The exception might be how miffed I feel when my hands are full and someone near a door doesn’t hold it open. These days some might be afraid of getting too close. Another that irritated me 10 years ago was someone borrowing my pen and not returning it. I wouldn’t want it back now.

Otherwise, here are many of the oldie but still valid:

You call at a scheduled time and are told “Call me in 20 minutes.” The person who changes the time should make the second call.

Repetition of misinformation so it becomes true to some.

Drivers who don’t use their signal lights. It’s as handy a communication tool for pedestrians crossing city streets and avenues as it is for drivers.

Waste by government and corporations.

Buzzwords and jargon.

Tell me privately something that impacts me–don’t first announce it in public and if you want to give away something of mine, don’t ask me if it is OK in front of the potential recipient so I feel forced to say “yes.”


  • roll your eyes if I ask a question
  • offer to do something you know you won’t do
  • pull out on me causing me to slam on my brakes

Lack of traffic lights or signs at dangerous intersections drive me nuts.

Have your peeves stayed the same over years? Any new ones? Do people close to you know your peeves or do you keep them close to the vest?

8 Responses to “Service of Pet Peeves III”

  1. Helen Rabinovitz Said:

    Right now it’s driving me crazy that I can’t schedule a March vaccination appointment at any of the sites near me. Seriously march is around the corner. I try every day. Oh and the Mars exploration…..if the money was used for more vaccines we could all be vaccinated by now…could check out Mars later. Last but not least. My daughter Lisa is a power wheelchair user. Won’t go to physical therapy. Friends tell me YOU HAVE TO MAKE HER GO! Really she’s 34. Can’t throw her over my shoulder and put her in the car. None of these people have raised a child with a disability but they think they can tell me what I should do.

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Your peeves are far weightier than mine.

    Regarding the vaccine appointment, please try calling the hotlines of the venues you’re approaching. A friend in NYC got an APRIL appointment a few weeks ago, at a NYC venue, totally unacceptable. She called the hotline of that place and got one at the end of this month!

    Another tip: At some drug stores in Manhattan, at 5 pm, they give vaccines to eligible people without appointments so as not to waste any that would otherwise expire and be tossed.

    I don’t know if money is the problem re. vaccine distribution. I fear the holdup started with lack of preparation by the former administration. Months were lost where the focus was on proving that the election was faulty and not on Covid-19 which didn’t appear to be an issue anymore. In addition, I don’t know about Massachusetts but in NY State the lack of preparation to get vaccines into arms has been evident and appalling. The state seemed surprised when everyone knew that at one point this would be a challenge. West Virginia started in March. What happened to other states?

    As for telling an adult what to do, daughter or friend or spouse whether or not the person is disabled, it’s inappropriate and unhelpful. All you can do is calmly say what I’m sure you already have. If fear of Covid-19 is the reason, that’s one thing. If she has other reasons, she needs to address them. She sounds like a very smart person. Landing on you about it is wrong and I can see why it is top on your list of peeves.

  3. MarthaTakayama Said:

    I share most or all of your long time pet peeves. I hate bait and switch and am constantly amazed about how prevalent it is in supposedly toney establishments. I hate buzz words and jargon especially when affectedly used to sound younger or more in the know.

    I cannot tolerate detailed, extremely graphic medical ads especially ones having to do with bodily functions in particular during dinner hour. What happened to less is more? I am worn out by non-news about public figures which are just overworked as if they were major crises. I do miss understatement. I also miss polite manners. We are so inconsiderate of others nowadays even though pushy behavior can endanger the health and lives of others.

    I am absolutely incensed at the oxymoron of asking a tip (for whom?) when making a political contribution. As for tips to be scrawled when paying for normal over the counter purchases, I cannot understand the reason for the request unless the employee is a victim of serfdom. It is unsanitary and hazardous no matter how or when it is done (by finger or stylus) and never more so than in times of pandemic.

  4. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I have bought a lot from a moderately to inexpensively priced retailer that in texts and emails keeps boasting prices as low as $5.90 or sometimes $9.90. I have yet to find the $5.90 items that I suspect are socks. I like the store–as I write I am wearing a pair of their jogging pants–but not this irritating practice.

    SO AGREE about some of the nauseating commercials that show used sanitary napkins for goodness sake.

    After we rhapsodized about “All Creatures Great and Small” on PBS–we saw the first season’s finale last night–my cousin wondered if it wasn’t a promise of a kinder world. I think many of the souls who could do with a dollop of softening wouldn’t watch the show in a million years.

    A politician should make a deal with Visa, Mastercard or AmEx to lower the fee to deposit your donation so that you should not be asked for the tip.

    As for using a stylus or finger to sign a charge on a tablet you’re right and I never thought of the health ramifications during a pandemic or flu season!

  5. Lucrezia Said:

    A close friend once observed that the reason I’m “so sane” was that when annoyed by something, I tune it out. That was years ago. Today, too much is happening to nurse peeves. If one isn’t suffering from a prevalent malady, going hungry, being deprived of heat and hot water, not to speak of fleeing from murderers and thieves in a neighboring country, what’s there to complain about? Sobering, isn’t it?

    PS Just read the first post. That’s not a peeve, HR, but a problem. Your daughter is 34? Make it hers. That move may eventually benefit you both.

  6. Helen Rabinovitz Said:

    Actually she knows it’s up to her. When my friends start lecturing me about therapy I tell them she’s a grown woman’s so it’s up to her. Sometimes my friends just cannot back off. People who think they know everything drive me crazy. I actually ended very long time friendships because of it.

  7. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I don’t consider myself insane–but who knows. It feels good to get irritations off my chest. Whether or not they identify grumps as “pet peeves,” I hardly know a soul who doesn’t find something or someone annoying.

    I don’t think declaring pet peeves has any connection to gratitude. I am beyond thankful for my freezer full of food, my apartment and clothing and my friends and family. Gratitude is another subject and isn’t erased because someone dislikes eating with a person who chews with his/her mouth open or for any of the things on my lists. Some things that bother one person are ridiculous to others. That’s the beauty of pet peeves!

  8. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Some people can’t hear. If they don’t know you have always done the best for your children and want only the best for them and if your response doesn’t filter through to them you were correct to move along and leave them behind.

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