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August 19th, 2021

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I passed a deli with signs on the door: “To Dine-in Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination Required.” It surprised me because the place didn’t look like a restaurant but there must be a few tables and chairs inside. This requirement is a change for New Yorkers who won’t fully feel the brunt until the winds of fall make outdoor dining less appealing. I signed up for an Excelsior Pass so that proof of my vaccines are accessible by clicking on an icon, with me when my phone is. In addition to my driver’s license, I’m set to enter any place proof is required.

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I get attached to people. A few months ago my hair stylist of years retired. I’m still adjusting though we’re in touch as friends. I envy women who are comfortable going to a range of hair salons. Not me.

My investment advisor also just retired. Wow! Will the roof fall in? No spring chicken, she was entitled years ago. But still: Couldn’t she hang on a little longer for me? A person’s doctor, accountant or lawyer can have the same impact when they leave the scene. Two years ago my eye doctor moved his practice out of NYC. Calamity! I miss him.

A friend suggested that Virgos don’t handle change well which is why, she explained, I find these changes disturbing. I’d be curious to know if others–born under other astrological signs–feel as I do over a change of doctor, hair stylist, stock broker, lawyer, accountant or other key person. Do you?

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17 Responses to “Service of Change”

  1. BC Said:

    Think your Mayor is wrong about this policy, and agree with the businesses
    who are suing him. He is shooting himself in the foot, because his city
    needs the revenue, as do the small businesses.

  2. Kathleen Said:

    Agree most people don’t like changes. Like you, had to change eye doctor, primary doctor, dentist, all within a year. Traumatized! Talked to anyone about recommendations, and thankful, think lined up the new doctors. Actually the new primary doctor probably will be even better than the present doctor. Take a deep breathe and know you’ll work it out. Good luck!

  3. ASK Said:

    I agree with BC…deBlasio has done very little for NYC. I will not be obtaining an Excelsior Pass…I have a photo of my vaccination card on my cell phone. That will have to do.

  4. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I am no fan of this mayor but I think that in this instance he is trying to kill the virus before it kills more citizens and the only way to do it is to increase the number of vaccinated. One way, for those who won’t be vaccinated for frivolous, unscientific reasons, is to deprive them of something they may want to do. He is giving $100 to those who get vaccinated.

    He’s not alone on this bandwagon. Businesses like United Airlines and Chase Bank are firing employees who won’t be vaccinated.

    We are packed like sardines in this city. We depend on public transportation that often is jammed with people. We cannot fool around anymore. The unvaccinated are giving space to killer variants. How else put a stop to this?

    I am so grateful to the manager of my apartment building. He has insisted we wear masks in public spaces since early in the pandemic and continues to do so. Many tenants travel internationally. He just let tenants know that they must show proof of vaccine if they want to use the fitness center, tenant lounge and amenity spaces. I feel safer for his following the rules.

  5. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I’m for any effort to get more people vaccinated. We cannot allow this killer to bring us to our knees again. I don’t want to visit a place with unvaccinated people. Isn’t my safety important?

  6. Helen Wagner Said:

    I have a great deal of difficulty with the loss of friends with whom I am close and important professionals in my life. I had the
    same dentist for 40 years and he retired in 2019. My hairdresser retired in 1920 and now the best internist I ever had, retired two weeks ago.
    I think I do well with most change, but not these changes. I’m a Leo !

  7. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I’ve not had the luck you have. There’s always hope!

  8. Hank Goldman Said:

    In my youth I used to love change. Had several different lofts within just a few years.

    As I get older… Guess what? I have gotten to hate change… Love the rhythm of regularity… No pun intended!

    Give me the good all days, every time! Even though I fully realize that change is inevitable and is going to happen whether we want it, Or not!

    So, for me it’s age, not an astrological sign that figures into this equation.

  9. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I was 17 when my beloved pediatrician pointed to the door and said “adios!” I followed one hair stylist hither and yon for years until he left NYC…and some of the places were pretty scary! However age impacts us all as our favorite doctors and accountants and others retire or die.

  10. lucrezia Said:

    Why all the fuss over Di Blasio? He’s soon gone, and the change stands to come as a relief from what one reads on this blog. Not so fortunate are those in Afghanistan who are faced with the life changing and life threatening prospect of the Taliban! So when it comes to change, much depends on what we’re talking about.

    While Astrology is entertaining, there’s no proof of it’s being precise. As an a Gemini, an air sign, as opposed to Virgo, an earth sign, attitudes regarding the mundane may differ, but we stand to be pretty much the same when faced with horrors, such as those about to take place in the Middle East.


  11. Helen Wagner Said:

    I just noticed that in my response yesterday I said my dentist retired in 2019 and my hair dresser in 1920 ! Whoops ! 2020 !

  12. Jeanne Byington Said:


    My silly twinges about having to change brokers or doctors or hair stylists pale compared to those caught in Afghanistan as well as in Haiti and ensuing change for-the-worse for those millions of lives. I know three people whose unemployment insurance stops in September. There are innumerable worse scenarios than mine.

    As for NYC’s mayor, he’s trying to get more people vaccinated. Whatever I think of his effectiveness, if he turns the tide on Covid-19 by getting millions more vaccinated I’ll raise a glass to him and credit him for his efforts.

  13. Eileen Dover Said:

    Happy Birthday Virgo! Hope the stars are with you throughout the year! I’m all for “vaccine only” indoor entry, maybe the unvaccinated will miss out. Get vaccinated, wear a mask, wash your hands people…keep each other safe.

  14. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I, too find I never get over the loss of some people.

  15. jmbyington Said:

    Thanks Eileen!

    May everyone follow your advice to get vaccinated, wear a mask and wash hands.

  16. Deborah Wright Said:

    I admit I check my horoscope in the daily newspaper, but I do not believe in it. I am a Taurus. I accept change more easily than Virgos. I was briefly unhappy when the salon that I get my haircut changed hands and almost all of the staff left! It was within walking distance, cheap, and there were two stylists who were good with my curly mop.I also liked them as people and knew their life stories, etc. But I have a couple of tips for where to get my haircut and I will follow up on them.

    I am an extremely pragmatic person and I do not dwell on changes. My dentist and my eye doctor retired in the past year. I was shocked about the dentist who I thought would be there forever. But, the new person sounds good, and I will meet her this month. I always have Plan B in mind and am flexible about most things in life.

  17. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I have no choice but to accept change and if the replacement is good I’m in pronto. I run into trouble when he/she is not.

    I loved getting he NY Post on Friday nights for my train ride upstate. The horoscope was one of the best sections! Wouldn’t it be fine if it was true?

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