Service of Internet Shopping 2021 Style

September 13th, 2021

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Because most of my favorite haunts are out of business or their Manhattan branches don’t measure up to the quality I was used to in their upstate stores, much of my shopping has moved online.

Here are a few things that e-commerce vendors might easily change and should consider doing.

Don’t ask stupid questions

I didn’t want to lug home a large package of paper towels so I bought one online. Next I was asked to review my recent purchase. Paper towels? Really?

Know when to stop knocking on my door

A woman’s clothing store sends daily emails about intros or discounts, sometimes multiple times a day. At end-of-season sales time they up their emails. Eventually, the prices were so favorable and thinking ahead to next summer I bit, ordering a few gifts too. The next day they sent an email saying that one of the items is no longer available as there were too many orders for it. Note: They clearly show you which sizes are in stock when you make your selections.

OK, those are the breaks. However, two weeks later I get one of the remaining three items ordered with an invoice that indicates that two were oversold so you won’t get them. I was irritated as I might have found similar on sale elsewhere and wonder why the inventory department can’t communicate more efficiently with the website but worse, I’m still getting notices about that sale.

Get rid of the crooks

And what did I see again on Facebook? The sponsored rip-off promo that I fell for early in summer and I wrote about in “Service of Always Buy from a Website Not a Social Media Advert Link.” The first comment was written by someone who declared it a scam. I may have gotten off easy from the looks of it. But Facebook should remove creeps like this from its site so as not to entrap other suckers.

When a mistake causes customers too much work

I ordered one item from a topnotch vendor but never got a confirmation email for the online purchase. Thinking I had again ordered from a fake site I called. There was no record of my purchase so I bought one from the customer service rep. Next I checked my credit card and there were two entries for the item so I called again and got the same customer service rep who promised to cancel one order. But I received two of the same item in separate packages. I called and was promised not to be charged for returning the duplicate as it was their mistake. I’m sure I’ll eventually be credited for the full amount but I wasted a lot of time turning things right.

I appreciate the convenience of ordering things at any time of day or night but miss walking into a store, choosing just what I want and walking out with it. I suspect under-staffing is the cause of most of the problems I’ve encountered.

Have your internet purchases been seamless? Are there some irritations that could easily be remedied?

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5 Responses to “Service of Internet Shopping 2021 Style”

  1. TC Said:

    A lot of problems with online shopping. Not for everyone.

  2. EAM Said:

    EAM on Facebook: It’s frustrating when you find out that the shipping is $10 for a modest purchase. I placed an order at Land’s End (40% off). Two of the promo codes did not work and finally used a third from the catalog which would’ve required me to call them if it hadn’t worked.

  3. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I have often gone through all the steps to place an order only to be slapped with a ridiculous shipping and handling charge for a lightweight item that could be slipped into a plastic shipping bag. In most cases I cancel the order and then often receive reminders that I hadn’t completed it.

  4. lucrezia Said:

    Nothing is seamless in this world, but shopping on line, assuming a reputable business and knowledge of product, sure beats schlepping into stores. For those of us who don’t appreciate the tedium of poking through dozens of items, its a godsend. It’s also healthier, since fewer folks are handling the merchandise!

  5. Jeanne Byington Said:


    No argument about the convenience. I just make suggestions for how to improve the experience, the focus of the importance of earnest service.

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