Service of Perfect Customer Care: A Michaels’ Cashier Wins

November 26th, 2021

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As I write on Black Friday I think about Angela, a cashier at Michaels on Sixth Avenue and 23rd Street in NYC.  If she didn’t love her job she gets my kudos for being a great actor.

I’d waited to pay in a long line for noon on a workday. She greeted me with an angelic smile befitting her name and asked if I had any coupons. I said “no.” She asked if I was ever a Michaels member. I had been when I lived upstate three years ago. She told me to type in my phone number on their website. It worked.

To save time, she expertly directed me from memory to click the right spots on the site. Boom. I was recognized and got a 20 percent discount.

Meanwhile to protect the item I was buying she’d quickly wrapped it in paper as carefully as a gift. She didn’t ask me if she should.

Not once, when I thanked her, did she say “no problem,” two words that drive me nuts. She would have been one of the only service people who had reason to as in all ways she went beyond the strict requirements of her job which was to ring up the sale and hand me my purchase. When I thank a person who has done her/his job, “no problem” is irritating and inappropriate.

I hope you run into an Angela as you find a perfect gift you hope will please. Have you already?

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3 Responses to “Service of Perfect Customer Care: A Michaels’ Cashier Wins”

  1. lucrezia Said:

    Most folks are both pleasant and cooperative when shown respect and given half a chance to be themselves. This results in having little or nothing to write today.

  2. Martha T Takayama Said:

    Congratulations on your experience with Angela. Unfortunately, I have spent the week and today especially only trying to correct or resolve all kinds of transactions that were failures or outright deception. They range from stove repairs, medicines that were never reordered, pagages that weren’t delivered, and flowers ordered for last Wednesday that might be delivered free on November 30.

    I am too frustrated or and worn out to say anything except that we are now living in a fantasy world.

  3. Jeanne Byington Said:


    My recent posts and Martha’s comment written after yours prove otherwise though today I admired the shopping bag at L’Ocitaine and the shop person gave me another one for me. Nice!

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