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April 11th, 2022

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What am I grousing about today? The $660,000 that New York State tax payers are forking over for a new Buffalo Bills stadium.

I’m not a sports fan. And friends shrug when I grumble about this saying “This is the way it has always been,” or “If New York doesn’t pay they’ll go somewhere else” and “the Governor, Kathy Hochul, who hails from upstate NY, is watching the back of her core constituents.”

I get it but I still say “Bon Voyage–let the Bills owner pick up the full cost of construction or go elsewhere.”

Does someone who decides to add a greenhouse to their home to grow plants for sale get such support from the state? Will they even have an easy time getting a loan unless they have deep pockets and don’t really need one?

The team owner, Terry Pegula, is said to be worth $5.1 billion. The $660 big ones is a drop in three buckets to him but could help out countless homeless/starving individuals in New York. In radio interviews last week, deli and souvenir shop owners around Yankee Stadium in the Bronx that have barely survived the pandemic said they’d not received stimulus/paycheck protection program money. That money was from the Federal purse. But is anyone lobbying the State to help them?

The money isn’t to support a home for refugees or to house the helpless. Tickets, boxes and NFL brand paraphernalia will generate plenty of money. Why doesn’t Pegula launch a GoFundMe page so fans can help him pay the bill?

I’m letting off steam–what’s done is done. Do you think $600,000 too little to worry about in a $220 billion New York State budget? That it’s fruitless to mention when this happens all the time?

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  1. ASK Said:

    I agree with you completely. And if the team threatens to go to Oshkosh, let them be called the Oshkosh Lions or Devils or whatever. Politicians are all lily-livered…

  2. David Reich Said:

    I’m not at all a sports fan, but I do recognize the importance of major sports franchises for cities.

    I have often questioned the need for states or cities to subsidize new stadiums when most big-league teams make so much money. We, the taxpayers, pay for it.

    But having major sports franchises gives cities a real boost, both in terms of prestige, civic pride and ROI in terms of jobs, taxes, etc.

  3. Jeanne Byington Said:


    All true. I still say Mr. Pegula should launch a GoFundMe page to let his fans pay for the stadium. I am fully aware that life isn’t fair. Friends, family and clients are and have been small business owners. They all serve/served a vital, valid purpose. They, in aggregate, are or were essential members of their communities either because of the work they did or as a result of it–they could afford to contribute. They didn’t suck money from them.

  4. Jim Gordon Said:

    Jim on Facebook: It’s america. The owners, athletes and concessionaires make waaaaaay too much money. It ain’t going to change which is terrible.

  5. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I don’t recall why the Dodgers left Brooklyn and with them broken hearts galore but most fans no doubt adopted another team–maybe the Mets. I know sports are pick-me-ups for millions. My husband was a devoted Redskins fan. His mood lifted when they won which, unfortunately, didn’t often happen. When they win today I clap silently on his behalf. However, even though he followed other sports as well, I suspect he wouldn’t endorse having a state pay for a stadium.

  6. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I often think this way and then I remember how Mayor Bloomberg launched a worldwide war against indoor smoking. Who would have thought how that caught on! His attack on gun ownership has a way to go. But if we don’t speak up nothing happens.

  7. Hank Goldman Said:

    I agree with you.

  8. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Incredible. We’re so passive! Imagine if you were director of a nonprofit that has reduced funding!

  9. lucrezia Said:

    The Bills are New Yorks best football team. Not only would having them leave be a blow to state pride, but it would be devastating to the Buffalo area. The team won’t hurt, but those whose living depends upon home games will be thrown into unemployment with no replacement in sight. True, the owner comes off as a stingy old buzzard, which he may be, but the damage wreaked by his departure negates the minimal burden on the taxpayer. Assuming the anti-sports faction has its way, it might like to consider the added tax burden because of the devastation the Bills departure has caused. Then, there will be something to complain about.

  10. Jeanne Byington Said:


    You make good points. Still think fans and owner should pay for a stadium. It would even the playing field [ouch!] for all the businesses that must cover their own costs.

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