Service of Little Things Mean A Lot III

July 25th, 2022

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Farmer’s market summer flowers

The nicest thing about this post is how quickly I whipped together this preliminary list. So many little things bring smiles. The first two columns of this title took place early in the pandemic and covered how friends helped others.

A gift from a friend

Here’s today’s list in no special order as all are equally meaningful:

How are you? Image by ijmaki from Pixabay 

Red velvet cake. Image by MartinL21 from Pixabay
  • I ordered a slice of velvet cake with meringue icing at Amy’s Bread, didn’t finish it at lunch and enjoyed a few bites of the leftover the next two days. The cake was the best of a memorable taste sensation, one I’ve not enjoyed in 10 dogs ages. Sweet!
  • I had a food delivery the other day, something I’d only done once before in three years because I pick up takeout. The doorman, in announcing the delivery on the intercom, asked if it was legit. He said “You don’t often order food deliveries.” You’re thinking: “Big deal.” It is: There are 510 apartments here! I thanked him later telling him I felt his attention to my habits made me feel as though I lived in a building on Fifth Avenue. His smile made me as happy as his oversight.
  • I walk on a cloud if a bus driver sees me running and waits.
  • When out of town friends let me know they’re coming to town its a treat to see them.
  • “How are you?” texts or emails from former Baruch mentees and great nieces are heart-warming.
  • When Friday evening comes and I watch “A Place to Call Home,” an Australian soap, on WLIW at 8 PM, it’s fun. Same with Grantchester on PBS on Sunday at 9 PM.
  • A text from friends from a hospital recovery room to let me know they are OK or an email that a medical checkup went well causes joy.
  • Something that makes me laugh so hard I cry reminds me of times my mother, my husband and I could hardly breath. It still happens with a few friends, when reading a great line in a book, seeing a ridiculous comment on Facebook or when my funny bone reacts to a segment in a movie or TV series.
  • I love receiving a stunning greeting card out of the blue. I enjoy the images for weeks. I display them on a chest in my living room. Photo below.
  • “Whooo hooo” I holler, even after these many years, when I get an editorial placement for a client.
  • When yet another person pays a compliment to me for my Kusama tote bag–last year’s birthday gift from a friend– it’s a hoot. I’ve written previously about this conversation starter. It happened again just last week.
  • A friend from school reached out after decades and decades–a nice surprise.
  • Summer flowers from the farmer’s market are fabulous. Photo top center.
  • A friend found an out-of-print book, unavailable in my public e-book library, with exorbitant price tags on the secondhand market. She gave it to me when we had lunch at Amy’s Bread where I devoured that divine velvet cake. Photo top right.

What little things have made you happy lately?

Surprise card featuring a favorite flower


21 Responses to “Service of Little Things Mean A Lot III”

  1. Helen Said:

    Get well messages and cards after I had minor surgery, husband brings me flowers every time he goes to Costco, my friend from North Carolina is coming to visit, made a new friend today at CVS we both love to bake and we’re going to make cupcakes together. So many other little things that I can’t write them all down. I’m just very grateful for my amazing friends and my children. Everyone is happy and healthy and safe!

  2. Kathleen Said:

    Just last night watched Grantchester, which we’re hooked. I did Google to fill out some info about episodes we have missed. Almost anything from the Brits are great.

  3. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I get the feeling that your gratitude helps bring on more and more things to be grateful for.

  4. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I need to do what you did–I feel like I’ve missed a whole chunk of info re. Grantchester. For example I don’t know what Geordie did to get his wife to kick him out. And what about Leonard? Is he an employee or is the tea shop his business?

    Still, I love the characters and the fixes they get themselves into.

  5. Hank Goldman Said:

    This is great, thank you! Hearing how you got happy, makes me happy! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Helen Said:

    Thanks for the compliment. I actually write a poem about friends. Here’s a little piece.
    Good friends are like diamonds
    Precious and rare.
    So if you have some
    Please treat them with care!

  7. lucrezia Said:

    New Yorkers have an undeservedly bad reputation when it comes to kindness. I’m rarely in need of assistance, but the time I was loaded w/luggage and struggling to reach Grand Central from the Penn Terminal, and feeling sick besides, a helping hand materialized just about every step of the way. It was as if everyone became psychic! There’s no way to repay other than to do unto others……

  8. EAM Said:

    It used to be my dog and the soft wag of his tail and his looking for me from the window upon my arrival. A surprise postcard from a friend; a movie where you can lose yourself, laugh and cry; a reunion of friends, some of whom you’d forgotten from college; a strong, loving hug; a beautiful card. I also used to love finding the Nina’s in the Hirschfeld caricatures in The New York Times.

  9. Jeanne Byington Said:


    You might submit this story to Metropolitan Diary in the New York Times.

  10. Jeanne Byington Said:


    You will think of the pup every time you pass that window for a long time.

    We used to look for the Nina’s too!

    There’s nothing like a hug from the right people.

  11. Martha T Takayama Said:

    All I can say is ditto to all the things you and Helen find uplifting. I am addicted to Grantchester, couldn’t miss a moment of “The India Doctor”, and now am very fond of “Hotel “Portofino”. I consider much of “Masterpiece Theater ” and some of TCM therapeutic. Especially pleasant or uplifting in these times of Covid and political strife are anything humorous, especially by Adam Borowitz and the “The New Yorker.”

  12. Deborah Wright Said:

    1. seeing my flowers bloom and thrive
    2. Cuddling with my four cats
    3. Watching my eight-year old granddaughter master two challenges: learning to swim and riding her bicycle
    4. Watching Doctor Who series with David Tennant
    5. Seeing old friends for coffee
    6.Being able to walk more after the gift of my new knee
    7. The random act of kindness from neighbors
    8. Going to a Carol King Tribute concert and hear amazing music
    9. Connecting with a beloved cousin from New York
    10.Laughter with friends in my “Wild Women” group
    11. Anticipating a visit this week from my best friend who has not been here for two years
    12. Loving Star Trek’s new series “Strange New Worlds”

  13. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Great list.

    You reminded me how much I like it when even the most mundane flower or plant–which describes all of mine–thrives or blooms. And likewise re connecting with a beloved cousin only mine is in Illinois.

  14. Nancie Steinberg Said:

    Nancie on Facebook: Jeanne’s blog posts.. temps below 89 that clothes

  15. Linda Levi Said:

    Linda on Facebook: Your optimism! Hoping it’s contagious.

  16. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Awww thanks Nancie! I too LOVE new clothes–how could I have left that off my list? And AC that works is a blessing for sure.

  17. Jeanne Byington Said:

    When I’m in a grump I force myself to think of something to look forward to or that I’m grateful for–such as your friendship–and eventually, like a headache that goes away, the clouds lift.

  18. Eileen Dover Said:

    Adding to your wonderful list

    -Sharing outdoor pics from each other’s parties, vacations and communities.

    -Eating my own self-prepared takeout…lost 30 pounds which brings me a lot of joy!

    -Quiet time, any amount works!

    -Reading your blog and your reader comments…I also look for Nina’s

  19. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Thirty pounds! WOW. Congrats!

    I, too, like quiet time–maybe a little too much.

    Thanks for reading my blog and the comments.

  20. Hussein Ahman-Uttah Said:

    If you like A Place to Call Home, Australian quality TV is in its infancy. I cant quite figure out if McLeod’s Daughters is any good or am I just watching a soap opera with pretty girls and great hats? But you should love lots of European offerings.

    “Line of Separation” will really screw you up on whether the Germans do or don’t deserve sympathy for being goodies or baddies; and If you think all Danes are ultimately straight-laced, “Seaside Hotel” where half the cast ends up overtly and blatantly in bed with the other half!

  21. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I’ve not watched “McLeod’s Daughters” or “Line of Separation.” In fact I’ve not heard of the latter. I’ll look into it. “Seaside Hotel” passed me by…If it’s in Danish….I may keep going.

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