Service of Follow-Ups and Reminders

August 22nd, 2022

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I believe in following up and in reminders. The day before a client’s scheduled interview I send an email with time, phone numbers, addresses etc. to the producer/reporter/ and the person being interviewed. If media is expected to cover an event I’ll remind them on the eve with all key information.

I appreciate USPS notices about the whereabouts of packages I’ve mailed and heads up from vendors that a package has been delivered so I know to look for a notice from the front desk at my apartment. If I’ve signed up for a remote event I love receiving the link the day of and for a zoom, Google meet or similar call, a virtual nudge 15 minutes before.

But sometimes a business overdoes it.

Before I leave one doctor’s office where I’m slated for six month checkups I make the next appointment. About a week before D-day I begin to receive an avalanche of reminders. They come by text, email and phone and each time I’m asked if I confirm the appointment which I do. Enough already!

I mostly eat at local restaurants where I drop in though recently made a reservation at a popular place that required it. I was bombarded with reminders starting a few days prior, including the morning of the dinner. The place wasn’t done with me yet. As I waited for the bus to meet my friend in came a text that said, “You have half an hour to arrive at XYZ.” I was so turned off. I didn’t appreciate the pressure and arrived in a grumpy mood.

How many reminders does a person need to get from a restaurant confirming a reservation or a doctor about an appointment? Do you appreciate getting five or six because you tend to forget?

3 Responses to “Service of Follow-Ups and Reminders”

  1. ASK Said:

    I can only conclude that reminders are sent — no doubt sometimes TOO frequently — because there are a lot of no-shows, at the doctor’s office, a restaurant, or wherever. Whenever I’ve called a restaurant to cancel a reservation, I generally am thanked because, as one hostess told me, now the restaurant can rebook the table.

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I knew self-involved people who made a few reservations for the same night and never cancelled any of the backups. If I ran an establishment where such people flock I would note after the first reminder that if they confirmed by giving their credit card and didn’t show there would be a charge of $X. If they didn’t confirm their reservation would go to someone else. I would probably be in business a weekend with that attitude but who knows, maybe people like me, who dislike the self-involved spoiled types, would fill the place instead.

  3. Jeanne Byington Said:

    A friend told me that when she recently made a dinner reservation for three she was asked for $30–$10 each.

    I agree with this approach! Good for the restaurant.

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