Service of the Impact of Being Deep-Sixed: A Forecast

September 8th, 2022

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Hold on to your hats: Here’s a forecast of a few changes that will cut off some from access to crucial services and might put others out of business.

On the Road Again

Was NYC always so discriminatory?

I’m happy with my MetroCard that New Yorkers use for bus and subway rides. It’s easy to add money and is featherweight.

By the end of next year it will be extinct Anna Rahmanan reported in We’ll all be using OMNY vending machines that take money from a swipe of a smart device or a contactless chip credit or debit card. OMNY stands for One Metro New York.

This sounds great if you own the proper device and welcome a link between your smartphone, smartwatch or fitbit and your credit card or bank account. No such links for me. By next year I assume that all credit cards will be updated with a contactless chip.

Will the OMNY machine know who is eligible for half priced fares? What about those who don’t want to use their credit and debit cards for this purpose or don’t own the devices or cards? Does NYC have a contingency plan for them? One can only hope.

Attending to Business

Alex Harring predicted in The Wall Street Journal that traditional business cards are being replaced by QR codes, jewelry with business details or implanted chips. He calls the traditional cards germ swappers.

He reported that “The technology chief at Boingo Wireless Inc. had a chip inserted, between his left thumb and index finger, that carries his contact information. New acquaintances can use their phones to download the details.” If the recipient doesn’t have the app installed on their phone the technology doesn’t work. Oops.

Harring continued that some use “physical cards with QR codes, scannable digital cards or chips embedded in physical items that allow people to share contact details with a tap.”

The technology had best be flawless and operational wherever people network. Maybe a person should carry a few germ swappers just in case–yes?

What Did You Say?

What’s going to happen to the audiology business now that the FDA has approved over the counter hearing aids?

Woof and Meow

As soon as New York Governor Kathy Hochul signs the anti puppy mill bill there will be no more pet store sales of dogs, cats and rabbits here. Future pet parents are to go to breeders. According to, “‘The Puppy Mill Pipeline legislation would allow retail stores to partner with area shelters like Bideawee and like ACC and rescues to adopt animals,’ Bideawee CEO and President Leslie Granger said.” Full disclosure, all my pets have come from animal welfare agencies and shelters except one who was rescued by a friend from an abusive home. Are legitimate pet store owners in New York State expected to close the door and walk away from their investment of time and treasure?

The questions for this post are highlighted in each section.

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5 Responses to “Service of the Impact of Being Deep-Sixed: A Forecast”

  1. Hank Goldman Said:

    Good questions.
    That would be too much technology for me! Wasn’t going from a token to the electronic card enough? You could always add money onto that – I think, which was a good thing. And what do visitors to our fair city do? Will they know? Do they read English? Will they have multi languages on the dispensers?

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    The bank that issues my credit card said that with next year’s renewal, my card will have the added technology to make cashless charges. I assume that all those with credit cards will be able to do the same. But in NYC I am certain that some who depend on public transport may not have the capability to use the OMNY machines. Don’t they count?

  3. lucrezia Said:

    I’m not worried. People adjusted to cars, planes, washing machines and countless more amenities, and they will do so now and in the future. Fretting over what may or may not happen is a waste of time. Instead of fighting the inevitable, why not consider it a lesson to be learned. It may even prove to be enjoyable.

  4. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I won’t be impacted by the MetroCard change—unless I lose the senior discount— but others will.

    Sorry if it appears that I’m fretting. Thought of the post as a list of future changes and impact mostly on others—audiologists and pet store owners most of all.

  5. DW Said:

    We are doomed.

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