Service of Too Much of a Good Thing or When the Cure Adds Another Challenge

September 19th, 2022

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So often a solution brings other problems.

Bag it!

In ridding the world of plastic bags–they are no longer permitted for use by retailers in many states–we create another problem.

People are piling up the reusable plastic totes especially if they order grocery deliveries. The producer of an early morning NYC metro radio program admitted she had a garage full. New Jersey’s problem with the tossed bigger bags took up a segment on NPR along with an interview with Senator Bob Smith who wants to amend his state’s single use bag ban. He suggests that delivery services use paper bags, currently forbidden, or the cardboard boxes food is shipped in.

I can’t stand it

We were told that sitting all day is as unhealthy as smoking and a few years ago companies began ordering special desks so employees could stand as they worked at computers.

But standing all day isn’t so good either. According to New York Post reporter Zach Williams: “Research shows prolonged periods of standing can cause health problems big and small from tired feet to cardiovascular problems, according to a legislative memo accompanying the so-called ‘Standing is Tiring (SIT) Act.'” Assemblywoman Karines Reyes (D-Bronx) and NY state Sen. Rachel May (D-Syracuse) are sponsoring the bill. Reyes is an RN.

Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay

Williams wrote: “Albany Democrats have introduced legislation to allow some foot-weary working New Yorkers to sit on the job.” He continued: “Supermarket cashiers, bodega clerks and those with jobs requiring lots of screen time are examples of people who Reyes says her legislation might help while workers in other jobs, like prowling security guards, might have to stay on their feet.” I’d add doormen and doorwomen to the list.

The prick that saves

What about reactions to lifesaving vaccines? We voluntarily submit our bodies and some of us become extremely ill with nasty reactions. The repercussion is better than the disease so….

Fizzy or still

Those of us who prefer seltzer or sparkling water to tap do potential damage to our teeth. But fizzy is better than no water at all. And use a straw.

Let the Sun Shine In

What about glorious suntans? We need Vitamin D that the sun provides and what looks better than a tan?  But some suffer consequences of too much such as wrinkles and worse.

With the exception of vaccines, moderation and/or planning ahead is the answer to averting new challenges brought on by cures.


  • You toss reusable grocery bags?
  • You stand while you work at your computer or get up from your chair and walk around?
  • Potential reactions keep you from getting vaccines?
  • You use straws to bypass your teeth when you drink seltzer?
  • You protect yourself if you’re a sun lover?

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4 Responses to “Service of Too Much of a Good Thing or When the Cure Adds Another Challenge”

  1. ASK Said:

    I have long ago given up paying attention to media stories about Covid vaccines, suntans, standing at one’s desk instead of sitting, and reusing plastic bags. About the latter, curiously in produce departments of several area supermarkets, there are still plastic bags for fruits and veggies. What happens to those? Curiously, my favorite wine shop still provides a bag when I shop. As to Covid vaccine, I have had a bad reaction to the original two shots and the three boosters, the last booster resulting in a 36-hour temperature of 102-degrees. I’m DONE, and now Biden has declared the pandemic is over so I guess we can all breathe easier, no?

  2. lucrezia Said:

    I use all reusable bags of all kinds
    i sit at the computer
    No vaccine reactions so far — keeping fingers crossed
    I don’t drink seltzer — makes me sick
    The sun is no friend, so I don’t love back

  3. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Just got the new Covid booster yesterday. Very mild reaction though another friend became quite sick. I don’t agree with the President. I wish Covid was over. The reports of what long-term Covid continues to do are enough to make me continue to be cautious. You won’t see me licking my fingers or itching my eye after pressing the elevator button.

    The plastic bag situation is a mess. I reuse mine and use some as gift bags if still crisp or to drop off packages at friend’s apartments.

  4. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I try to get up from my computer frequently though for years I was glued to my chair for hours. Damage done!

    I have a second shingles shot hanging over my head. The first one was the only vaccine that let me have it but good. The pharmacist told me that it’s the one that gives people the most trouble. Some friends had no reaction.

    I adore the sun and the healthy look of a tan but haven’t soaked it up for decades.

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