Service of I Don’t Want to Hear That

October 27th, 2022

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It’s not fair, I know, but when my favorite classical music station conducts a fundraiser, I either turn to YouTube to hear Mendelssohn or Mahler or to a competing station. I normally listen all day through my laptop, but I can’t think, read, or write with constant talk and only brief music breaks.

As previously admitted here, there are some commercials that cause me to immediately flip TV or radio stations and often I end up intrigued by the other program to the detriment of the original that loses a viewer or listener. These topics probably wouldn’t faze a medical audience, but I don’t want to hear repeatedly about gizmos that wash the guck from noses or mask the odor of a person’s privates.

When there’s a traffic jam, I’m irritated by the sound of useless impatient honking. And drivers: please keep your mufflers on and don’t go so fast you have to screech to a stop–or before slamming into an innocent neighboring vehicle—another painful noise. Pedestrians visibly jump when a large empty truck clatters down an avenue at top speed creating a BOOM when it confronts a significant pothole.

I move away from angry, raised voices on the street or in a store.

I am not a fan of political commercials that promote lies and, in this pre-midterm season we hear the same ones incessantly.

My beloved now deceased drama queen kitty would wail if I went near her paw to clip her nails when normally she was a tough girl. I couldn’t do it. Her cry was a deterrent. She didn’t utter a peep in the vet’s hands.

What sounds set you on edge?

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2 Responses to “Service of I Don’t Want to Hear That”

  1. ASK Said:

    I also tune out fundraisers, both on the radio and TV. Perhaps they do work for a large enough percentage of the audiences, but they simply set my teeth on edge. I don’t need to be reminded to support my favorite outlets. I think that’s why I find myself watching true-crime shows more than I would like: When all 3 PBS stations I have access to fundraise at the same, which seems to be the case more and more, those shows are my court of last resort.

    Political ads also get hit by my mute button.

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    My default TV shows during fundraiser time or mind-numbing commercials are vintage Law & Orders with a favorite actor Jerry Orbach and Blue Bloods or series I follow on Netflix. I wonder who listens to hour after hour of “win a tin of Brooklyn coffee” or Babka from a renowned bakery.

    You are good to hit mute. I see what movie’s playing on Turner Classics and visit CNN and MSNBC to learn who is interviewed about what topic.

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