Service of Easy Fixes for Restaurant & Takeout Places

December 22nd, 2022

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Inflation is a problem for everyone but here’s a plea to food vendors: Be creative when adding surcharges or removing benefits to customers.

I bought one Danish pastry the other day and paid with my credit card. The gadget that accepted the card asked me three times if I wanted to add a tip. What part of NO did it not understand? I paid top dollar for the treat and didn’t think that placing it in a small bag warranted a tip. I know: It’s the holidays. I’m not usually a grinch. But the prices here are high enough that owners should pay workers a decent wage and not foist on customers the responsibility for paying counter help. In any case, I tip in cash.

A friend who inspired this post resents being charged for ice in a cup when she’s ordering other food. She was hit with an ice charge from a takeout place the other day. I know her: Her orders are never small.

She is miffed when not allowed to use the bathroom. There’s a bakery I like a lot that added tables and chairs in the back. It sells amazing scones and cakes and toothsome sandwiches. It doesn’t have a WC. My camel friends are the only ones I meet there.

While on a roll my friend added that it irks her to be charged $4 to $6 for a soda refill at a restaurant. I agree. Charge a dollar more for the first one if necessary or present them with a can of soda but don’t make customers feel ripped off.

Are there small things that happen when you buy prepared food that tick you off?

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3 Responses to “Service of Easy Fixes for Restaurant & Takeout Places”

  1. ASK Said:

    I notice that restaurants are now charging up to 2.5% extra to use a credit or even a debit card, which I fid a little over the top. As a result, I always try to pay in cash. And I don’t figure a tip on the fee and tax. I also don’t tip counter people who put an item in a bag. If the governments of NY and NJ, landlords, and banks were not so greedy, it would make running any business in both states a lot easier.

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    All good points.

    I like using my credit card because at the end of the month, I know precisely how much I have spent. But I do not like to pay a fee. I don’t usually carry cash around. But if this trend continues, it will be good for beggars. For a long time during the pandemic, businesses didn’t want employees to touch cash, so people had no money to give those asking for change in the street.

  3. lucrezia Said:

    I’ve yet to be “attacked” by such nuisances. I also give tips since most, if not all these folks must be grossly underpaid.

    Ice is murder on teeth, and if persistently used, sends the dentist on vacations to China and beyond!

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