Service of Excellent Outcomes

January 5th, 2023

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What a thrill when situations that look discouraging turn out well.

Print That

My heart sank when I broke my brand-new Canon printer. I’d removed an empty cartridge to determine its order number and didn’t return it to its spot once I learned that my nearest office supply store didn’t have it in stock, and I’d have to buy it online. Turns out you’re not supposed to leave the housing empty.

When I put in the new cartridge the carriage moved to the right, out of sight and stuck. A doomsday message appeared in the digital window. YouTube videos and instructions on Google to fix it didn’t do the trick. I had visions of lugging the printer somewhere for repair.

That’s when I decided to try Canon customer service. It took me some eight phone calls to reach a person. Before that when the computer voice asked me for the name and TR number of the product the computer voice ignored my response and repeated the question again and again. My neighbors, if passing by in the hallway, must have wondered why I was yelling “Pixma TR4720” at the top of my lungs. Punching 0 a zillion times did nothing.

Eventually I lucked out and landed on Christian, a person. Step by step he guided me through unplugging the device from electricity to tapping the on button multiple times to a fix. It worked! I was grateful and relieved. I never got the request to rate my experience. I was disappointed as I’m asked to rate a paper towel order and I wanted to share my gratitude with management.

Lost and Found

A friend didn’t tell me that she’d dropped off a magnificent Christmas gift a few nights before December 25: A stunning orchid. She knew I hadn’t received it because I never mentioned it. Almost a week later she told me about the glitch. Because it was so late—10:30 pm–she asked the doorman NOT to call me. She said he began calling different tenants anyway while she pleaded with him to stop. We figured someone else was enjoying this magnificent plant.

I mentioned the situation to the best building manager on the planet. He explained that the doorman was a new temp and he’d look into it. A few hours later he called to say he’d found it! Mirabile dictu. Hooray!

Am I the luckiest person? Have you experienced situations with potentially bleak outcomes that turned out splendidly?


4 Responses to “Service of Excellent Outcomes”

  1. ASK Said:

    I purchased a prescription-lens sunglasses several years ago, and was stunned to find they were not in their case when I went to wear them one day. I retraced my steps and figured out the last time I wore them must have been in the Whole Foods supermarket near me. Without much hope, I returned and asked at customer service. The woman pulled open a drawer filled with lost glasses. “Are these yours?” she asked. They were indeed, although one lens was covered with something sticky. “Oh, the guy in Cheeses brought them to the counter. I think that’s brie.” I was so grateful, after thanking her, I went back to the cheese guy, and thanked him. He blushed and thanked ME, then said, “They looked expensive…”

  2. Nancie Steinberg Said:

    Nancie on Facebook: Thank goodness. I love happy endings. It’s a beauty! Enjoy.

  3. BC Said:

    Good for you! Happy ending to both situations.

    Beautiful orchid plant. We have 4 growing on the screened in porch. Hope they bloom.

  4. lucrezia Said:

    Nothing spectacular to report from this neck of the woods. As long as there are no disasters to fill in the cracks, no complaints either!

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