Service of Product Marketing that Sends Customers Out of the Store and Onto the Web

April 6th, 2023

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I visited a favorite discount haunt, TJ Maxx, on West 57th Street in Manhattan, where I saw the most extraordinary number of suitcases in all sizes and shapes, colors and materials. They took up a substantial amount of real estate on all the three floors.

Some offered the weight: usually in the 7-pound range.

What was missing?  

The size of the suitcases, which, to avoid additional airline fees, should be 62 inches or less. I studied umpteen tags and asked a sales associate who looked at a few and shrugged saying he thought he’d seen one that indicated the height somewhere, waving vaguely towards other suitcases.

I was perplexed that all range of brands were there, some I’d heard of, yet none indicated height.

So where’s a girl to get the right size suitcase given a store with plenty of merchandise but without knowledgeable sales help? Short of carrying a measuring tape as though you’re buying furniture or kitchen appliances to fit in small spaces it looks like the best is to buy online where the specs are.

At TJ Maxx’s checkout my cashier asked if I’d found everything I needed. Hearing my complaint he said I could borrow a measuring tape but it was too late. I was done shopping.

Have you noticed such a deficit of crucial information in other product lines?


4 Responses to “Service of Product Marketing that Sends Customers Out of the Store and Onto the Web”

  1. ASK Said:

    Having worked in the interiors business, I always have a measuring tape in my purse! But to your point, I have been searching for a new floor lamp and while I’ve seen several possibilities online, I’ve been frustrated to find that they never mention the bulb wattage the fixture takes in the specs, which to me is important. Shouldn’t be that difficult to include, no?

  2. BC Said:

    Best to carry a tape measure.

  3. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I carried all sorts of things with me before the Pandemic. I shed a lot that never made it back. That said, isn’t it up to the manufacturer to provide the key info either for your lamp or my suitcase?

    I wonder the background of the person in charge of marketing these products. I suspect they don’t buy them.

  4. lucrezia Said:

    Yes, the tape measure as per BC, and possibly a bull horn to attract attention!

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